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Stop, Drop, and Stroll: San Diego Events Today

If you’re feeling like it’s time you unplugged from the non-stop grind of work and the grid that never sleeps, why not take a stroll through San Diego’s Old Town State Historic Park, a pedestrian-only area spanning six blocks? Soak up the architectural history as many of the events going on in San Diego co-mingle with some of the city’s oldest structures including San Diego Union, the city’s oldest newspaper. When it’s time for a bite, Fiesta des Reyes at 2754 Calhoun Street is your ticket to authentic Mexican and American cuisine, with costumed storytellers and artisans who add to the mystique of days past. It’s a classic San Diego casual dining spot that doesn’t disappoint.

Relax and Unwind: San Diego Events Today Worth Noting

If you’re thinking about going to San Diego, one stop that’s worth your time is Sea World, located at 500 Sea World Drive. I used to think Sea World was just for kids, but was transfixed by the Manta rays that swim in front of your eyes, making you feel like you’re underwater with them in a veritable den of Zen. If you’re still looking for cool Southern Cali destinations, one of my favorite museums is the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, with tons of ongoing exhibits, an IMAX theatre, and live sky shows for the amateur and expert astronomer alike.


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