Things to Do in LA that Don’t Suck

From the Mouths of Babes: Things to do in Los Angeles That Don’t ‘Suck’

The other night after dinner I overheard my teenage daughter on the phone with her best friend. They were discussing their weekend plans, trying to figure out what to do with their highly coveted free time on Saturday (the one day of the week not taken up with school, or classes, or practice, or homework). I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard my daughter say: ‘I just really wish there were more things to do in Los Angeles that don’t suck,’ with the kind of emphatic dismay that only a teenager can truly deliver. But as I turned to my own social calendar, I realized that she may just have a point.

The Search for Things to do in LA That Don’t Suck

If you live in LA and are not just here on vacation, weeding through the multitude of excursions and activities that are intended for tourists can take a bit of effort. For instance, how many times have I heard strangers describe the activities they have on tap for a visit and noted the inclusion of The Getty Museum? More than I can recall. Not to say that the Getty Museum is not a worthwhile adventure, but art lovers beware: the exhibitions tend to be just o.k. The architecture is the real gem of this place, so keep this in mind during your search for things to do in LA that don’t suck! And remember: you can never go wrong with a hotdog from the infamous Pink’s.

Filling Your Free Time With Fun Things to Do

I recently came to the end of a job and was handed a six-month severance package. I was ready to have some free time for one of the first times in my life. With so much leisure time on my hands (and money to spend), I had fun finding things to do in LA that don’t suck. I went bowling at The Roosevelt Hotel and ordered sidecars (it felt like I stepped back in time). I took a trapeze lesson on the Santa Monica Pier and am now hooked. I took a walking tour of downtown LA and ate lunch in Chinatown. Talk to your friends, barista, hair stylist. It’s easy to crowdsource new and exciting creative activities in Los Angeles.

Why It’s Hard to Find Things to Do in LA That Don’t Suck

Let’s face it: LA is not a walking town, as much as we wish it were on days when we are stuck in our cars, cursing the bumper to bumper traffic and the obnoxious motorist to our right who refuses to use his turn signal. Finding things to do in LA that don’t suck can be tricky because distance and drive time are factors you cannot avoid. Best plan of action is to stay local for agenda items to avoid disappointment. The further you travel for something, the more you are let down when it’s not what you were hoping for.


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