What’s Going On In Los Angeles


Finding Your Go-To Source of Information in LA

What’s Going On in Los Angeles? For all of us regular folk who are trying to take advantage of what the City of Angels has to offer, what’s the best source of information? Where do locals, for instance, go to find info on upcoming events in Los Angeles? Aside from what’s available here on whereLA.com, believe it or not, I have to say that the LA Weekly, with its breakdown of live shows, open mic performances, smaller movie openings and opinionated (as opposed to watered down) film reviews — is still my favorite source for what’s going on in Los Angeles. Not to mention the fact that it’s a tangible, page turning experience. And when was the last time you turned some actual pages as opposed to typing your query into a keyboard?

What’s Happening in LA Worth Checking Out

If you live in Los Angeles, or just visiting, something worth checking out is the comedy scene. Think about it: over 11,000 people come to Los Angeles every day, many of whom to pursue their dream of becoming famous. Many of these folks have actual talent and wind up on one of many reputable stages in Los Angeles, like The Laugh Factory (one of my personal favorite places to see stand-up comedy). If you want to know what’s happening in LA comedy wise, check out the improv scene at places like The Groundlings, the Peoples’ Improv Theatre, and Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

Check Out Where LA’s City Guide for What’s Going On in Los Angeles

Not to blow our own horn, but Where LA’s City Guide is one of the best places to find out what’s going on in Los Angeles. We break down all the Los Angeles attractions, with information on the time they are open, the address, admission prices and a link to their website for more information. We highlight the best beaches, including which are ideal for surfing, catching some rays or simply avoiding tourists. If you’re hungry, we’ll give you a list of restaurants complete with detailed reviews so you can eat the best food in the specific style of cuisine you seek. Where LA also features detailed maps that include the hottest tourist destinations, restaurants and other noteworthy attractions.

What’s going on in Los Angeles: Sports Edition

What's Going On in Los Angeles

Los Angeles had a long history of an absent NFL team for two whole decades (The Rams and The Raiders left in 1995). But active NFL teams in LA recently made a comeback when it was announced in 2016 that The Rams would be back full force, including a second team: The Chargers (formerly from San Diego). Within that 20 year gap of an absent NFL team though, LA sports fanatics were left with other teams to root for including college football, USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins respectively, The LA Dodgers and The LA Angels, The LA Lakers and The LA Clippers, the Los Angeles Kings, and the Los Angeles Galaxy. The recent addition of the NFL teams have made LA a top city for real estate investors. The Rams and The Chargers are currently sharing the Memorial Coliseum at Exposition Park with the USC Trojans but only until 2020 once the construction to their home stadium in Inglewood is finished.

The newest addition to the Los Angeles sports scene is the Los Angeles FC who currently play at the Banc of California Stadium, a brand new facility which had its grand opening earlier this year. Replacing a memorable LA Sports Arena, which housed thousands of events from sports to music concerts to the Ringling Bros Circus since 1959, it was demolished to bring in a new team and a modern sports mecca to Los Angeles. At $350 million, the 22,000-seat venue is the most expensive soccer stadium in US history. Designed to keep the city views intact with gaps between the sections, its overhead canopy helps keep the sun out and noise in.

Check out the schedule and ticket info for the Los Angeles FC here. So the next time somebody asks you what’s going on in Los Angeles whether it’s during baseball, basketball, football, hockey or soccer season… you’ll know exactly what to tell them! The fact is, there is no shortage of sports teams in Los Angeles.


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