Upcoming Events in LA


Upcoming Events in Los Angeles for Young and Old

Every time another school year comes to a close, it still seems like just yesterday the stores were advertising back-to-school deals as all of our kids begrudgingly hung up their beach towels and bikes to bravely face the classroom and piles of homework. As the warmer days approach, with plans for summer vacation, camps and reading lists at every turn, don’t miss out on some of the best upcoming events in Los Angeles. The live concert series on Thursdays at the Santa Monica pier is a free event for all ages, and is definitely worth the search for parking.

Lights, Camera, Action! Things to Do in LA

One of my favorite parts of spring and summer in Los Angeles (aside from the longer days, the abundance of fresh produce, and the unexpected excursions to the beach) is the return of outdoor activities in just about every part of the expansive city. One of the most fun upcoming happenings in LA that I can think of is the screening series at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You’ll file into the grassy expanse home to such legendaries including Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock. Plan on arriving early and bring a chair. You’ll stand in line for a good hour or so before the doors open, but it’s worth the wait.

Downtown LA Has Lots to Offer

If you haven’t spent much time downtown but have always been curious, it’s time you made your way to the metropolis that was once the mecca for Broadway performers and movie stars alike. Just by taking a look at many of the old buildings it isn’t hard to imagine the glitz of all the old film premieres and concerts in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Grand marquis facades and architecture reminiscent of New York City’s Tribeca gives the downtown of today an alluring air, especially for the history buff. Find yourself in the midst of an outdoor jazz concert in a city park, one of many great things to do in Southern California that would be well worth the trip.

Tried and True Fun Happenings in LA

If you’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert during one of the summer months in LA, it’s worth the effort (and cost of a ticket). Since parking can be a hassle, consider parking in the free lot at the Chinese Grauman’s Theatre Complex and take a bus up to the bowl. The convenience of getting dropped off (and picked back up) cannot be beat. If you’re up for some spectatorship, check out the beach volleyball schedule for a fun activity in Southern Cali. Then bring your beach chair and a bottle of wine and enjoy the free show.


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