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What’s on our list of top LA tourist spots? Let’s start with a slice of culture with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), one of the best art museums in the world. It features the whole gamut of modern art, as well as Renaissance, Impressionism, Modern Expressionism, Islamic, Egyptian, pre-Columbian, Ancient Near East art. Admission generally runs about $15. The museum can be found on Museum Row, a boulevard of museums that also features the Page Museum of Natural History, The Peterson Auto Museum, The L.A. Craft and Folk Art Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits.

When it comes to top LA tourist spots, we couldn’t leave out The Getty Center in the Pacific Palisades, famous for its pre-20th century collections unrivaled through the world. The museum features pre-Renaissance to Impressionist periods in Europe and much more. It’s a creative way to experience the culture and art of LA. Best of all, admission is free.

A Hike With a View

Any trip to Hollywood is incomplete without taking a hike to the top of Griffith Park to check out the famous Hollywood sign. You can also check out the Griffith Observatory, iconically portrayed in the film Rebel Without a Cause. The observatory is open to the public and features free admission. That’s hard to beat in a town as expensive as LA.

Our Favorite Top LA Tourist Spots

Looking for some awesome tourist tips for your trip to LA? For starters, the best way to explore Los Angeles is by foot. Park at an easily accessible train station and take the train downtown. Then stroll your way over to the The Los Angeles Conservancy, which leads walking tours on a weekly basis. Check out the city’s top sights and historic buildings, including historic theaters and Art Deco buildings. Only on foot will do. By car or tour bus, you’ll miss half the show. Another great daytime activity is to take a hike up to the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park. You get a stunning view of the city and the iconic Hollywood sign.

Top LA Tourist Spots: Santa Monica & Venice Beach

Top LA Tourist Spots

Even if you reside in Los Angeles, sometimes you want to feel like a tourist too! A top spot for locals and tourists alike is the beach. Located super close to most of metro LA, with traffic permitting, Santa Monica Beach is a perfect place to start. We recommend for you to start at the Muscle Beach location where Arnold Schwarzenegger began his bodybuilding career and the birthplace of the nationwide food chain “Hot Dog on a Stick” where the original stand still operates today serving fresh lemonade, corn dogs and fries all day long. Walking up to the Santa Monica Pier you’ll find a carnival of attractions, including our favorite: the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel which is super romantic at sundown. If you’re visiting with family, take the kids to the arcade located on the pier itself or take them on a ride around the famous Santa Monica Carousel. In the mood for shopping? The Third Street Promenade features an outdoor market, restaurants and various retail outlets as well as daily street acts in music and dance.

Head down to Venice Beach and experience a more down-to-earth beach community vibe with affordable souvenir gift shops, restaurants and tattoo shops galore. Ideally, the three mile walk from Santa Monica to Venice ain’t so bad but you could also rent bicycles, roller skates or take a taxi down. If you get there on a Sunday evening, listen out for the music, it means the Venice Beach Drum Circle has begun. A tradition to the locals, they invite everyone and anyone who wants to dance and jam out on the beach every week. Walk a bit further South and you’ll begin to see the canals. Most canals were sealed off but some still exist and it’s the reason why Venice was given its name, it was built to resemble Venice, Italy. Santa Monica and Venice Beach always compliment each other and they’re definitely two of the top LA tourist spots.


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