Things to Do in LA: Getting the Scoop from a Native

Some of My Favorite Things to Do in LA

I’ve lived in LA for over eight years, and have gotten well versed with the traffic patterns that sometimes plan my day, as well as the places and things to do in LA that I love the most. Not many places offer so much dining and nightlife while still providing you with an oasis of outdoor recreation spots. Even some of my favorite LA museums have some pretty amazing places to catch the natural landscape of the city. One of my favorite ways to beat boredom in Los Angeles is drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (entering from the 10) to Neptune’s Net, a restaurant with views of the Pacific Ocean and all the cute surfers below. They have delicious seafood as well as a range of IPA’s, and just about everyone has stopped here so you just might see a celebrity to boot.

Another one of my favorite get out of the house activities is to visit The Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd., across from the Kodak Theatre. The Roosevelt hosted the first Oscars ever, and has a bartender who mixes you drink based on what you like. It’s also rumored to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe, and feels a bit like stepping back in time. Another Southern Cali favorite nightspot: catch a show at The Upright Citizens’ Brigade at 5919 Franklin Avenue, then head to La Poubelle right next door for a drink. The shows are always funny, and the beers at La Poubelle start at $3, which helps when you’re counting your pennies.