Things to Do in LA

Things to Do in LA: Getting the Scoop From a Native

As corny as it may sound, the City of Los Angeles does literally translate from Spanish to the City of Angels. The energy that this city brings is definitely nonstop and electrifying. As a native of Los Angeles, I’m usually targeted as the “unicorn” of the group because apparently there aren’t enough of us Angelenos in the industry. I definitely think that there are plenty of natives in all of the major industries in LA, but there’s also about 10 million residents in Los Angeles County. I love being the LA unicorn, and I also love to tell visitors and transplants alike a few secrets about this beautiful SoCal city. With so many things to do in LA and with so little time (since we’re stuck in notorious LA traffic half the time) here are my top five secrets to having fun in LA:

City of Angels, Where Dreams Come True

1. Enjoy the LA weather year-round and visit the beach!
2. Los Angeles is a music mecca, visit my favorite concert calendar website to get inside intel.
3. Food! Eat your heart out through Los Angeles taco trucks and KBBQ in Koreatown.
4. Take a hike! Literally, there are dozens of hiking trails in Los Angeles. My favorite is Amir’s Garden in Griffith Park.
5. Go shopping at Santee Alleys in downtown LA.

You’re welcome!

Some of My Favorite Things to Do in LA

I’ve lived in LA for over eight years, and have gotten well versed with the traffic patterns that sometimes plan my day, as well as the places and things to do in LA that I love the most. Not many places offer so much dining and nightlife while still providing you with an oasis of outdoor recreation spots. Even some of my favorite LA museums have some pretty amazing places to catch the natural landscape of the city. One of my favorite ways to beat boredom in Los Angeles is drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (entering from the 10) to Neptune’s Net, a restaurant with views of the Pacific Ocean and all the cute surfers below. They have delicious seafood as well as a range of IPA’s, and just about everyone has stopped here so you just might see a celebrity to boot.

Another one of my favorite get out of the house activities is to visit The Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd., across from the Kodak Theatre. The Roosevelt hosted the first Oscars ever, and has a bartender who mixes you drink based on what you like. It’s also rumored to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe, and feels a bit like stepping back in time. Another Southern Cali favorite nightspot: catch a show at The Upright Citizens’ Brigade at 5919 Franklin Avenue, then head to La Poubelle right next door for a drink. The shows are always funny, and the beers at La Poubelle start at $3, which helps when you’re counting your pennies.

International Cuisine & More in Los Angeles

things to do in LA

Los Angeles, also known as Tinsel Town or La La Land, is filled with nonstop action. There are plenty of things to do in LA no matter what day of the week. For starters, Los Angeles is a food mecca. Locals praise that LA has the best Mexican food outside of Mexico, although some may argue that San Diego’s mexican food scene is better. We think that both cities offer a variety of amazing cuisine. Nonetheless, LA has plenty of amazing international restaurants from Chinese to Vietnamese in the San Gabriel Valley to Central American and Mexican food all over LA County, endless Korean BBQ in Ktown to fresh sushi in Little Tokyo.

On a larger scale, the LA food scene is definitely something out of a fairytale. When it comes to five star dining, you’ll find plenty all around town. The LA nightlife is always alive and well. Monday nights in LA are best for free music shows, which are mostly found on the eastside of LA. Dance clubs are plenty in DTLA or in Hollywood and VIP bottle service is recommended for larger groups on a weekend night. After the lights turn on for last call, head outside and grab a bite from an LA taco truck or an infamous danger dog.


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