Experience South East Asian Flavors at Star Leaf in Pasadena

star leaf interior

Star Leaf, an award-winning restaurant group founded in 2011 by visionary restaurateur Ruth Lin, has made a grand entrance into the United States. Known for its award-winning dining experiences across 43 locations in Asia, Star Leaf has chosen the beloved Playhouse Village of Pasadena for its first US location. This new establishment promises to bring a taste…

LA’s Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

Tail O’ the Pup 

Stuffy waiters, unfamiliar dishes, glaring patrons–eating out with the family isn’t always easy, and doing it while traveling can be downright disastrous. Knowing where to dine is key, especially in a city as sprawling and diverse as L.A…

Hollywood Museum Celebrates the Golden Age of Cinema

Hollywood Museum Celebrates the Golden Age of Cinema

As the proud home of showbiz, Hollywood beckons millions of visitors every year with its glamour, nostalgia, and magical moments that shape their global view of American culture. At the heart of Tinseltown’s historic splendor is…

Fun Places To Go To In The South Bay

Fun Places To Go To In The South Bay

Enjoy cool weather, clear skies, and of course, the beaches at South Bay! Check out different events, places, and eateries that South Bay has to offer.

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