Vespertine: L.A.’s Gastronomic Utopia Returns

In the heart of Culver City’s Hayden Tract district, there lies an architectural anomaly that seems more at home in a futuristic metropolis than amongst the concrete sprawl of Los Angeles. This is Vespertine, the brainchild of Chef Jordan Kahn, housed within the “Waffle” tower, a structure that challenges the very fabric of conventional design thanks to the genius of Eric Owen Moss.

Vespertine first burst onto the scene in 2017, quickly ascending to the zenith of LA’s culinary Olympus by clinching two Michelin stars and the number one spot on the late Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles Times’ 101 Best Restaurants list. It wasn’t just the food that captivated; it was the entire experience. An experience that TIME magazine and the World Restaurant Awards lavished praise upon, catapulting Vespertine onto global radars as a place of ethereal dining.

As Vespertine reopens its doors on April 2nd, it does so as the first major post-Covid dining renaissance in LA, joining the exclusive ranks of only five LA establishments with two Michelin stars. But to label Vespertine as merely a “restaurant” is to diminish the multi-sensory odyssey Chef Kahn meticulously orchestrates each night.

The Architectural Canvas

The “Waffle” building itself, a testament to the avant-garde vision of Eric Owen Moss, sets the stage for Vespertine’s ethos. It’s here, across four stories of innovative design, that guests embark on a culinary journey unlike any other.

A Convergence of Creative Minds

Chef Kahn’s world is one built not just on extraordinary cuisine but on the collaborative efforts of globally acclaimed talents. From the sculptural dinnerware of Studio Alluvium to the hauntingly beautiful soundscapes crafted by Jónsi of Sigur Rós, each element of Vespertine is a piece of a larger narrative. This narrative extends to a tea ceremony by Australia’s Cloud Hidden and even a signature scent, personally developed by Chef Kahn, adding layers of depth to the dining experience.

Culinary Choreography

At the heart of Vespertine’s allure is a menu that dances through the eco-regions of California, from coastal chaparral to the high and low deserts and the Pacific coast. Chef Kahn’s commitment to biodynamic, regenerative agriculture, and wild-foraging underpins a menu rich with rare seafood and unique ingredients. It’s a testament to sustainability, artistry, and the relentless pursuit of flavor.

An Immersive Experience

Dining at Vespertine is akin to a performance, with each of the 16+ courses acting as acts in an epicurean play. The price of admission, $395 per person, promises an intimate experience for just 20 guests each evening, making every dinner a once-in-a-lifetime event. Optional beverage pairings elevate the journey, ensuring that every sense is engaged, every emotion evoked.

A Culinary Triad

Vespertine’s return completes a triad of Chef Kahn’s visionary establishments, including Destroyer and Meteora, each contributing to a narrative that defies the conventional and embraces the extraordinary. In the post-Covid landscape of LA’s dining scene, Vespertine stands not just as a beacon of culinary excellence but as a monument to the creative spirit.

As Vespertine reopens, it does so not just as a restaurant, but as a destination for those who seek more than a meal—they seek an experience. In a world where the ordinary is often enough, Vespertine reminds us of the power of the extraordinary.

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Address: 3599 Hayden Ave, Culver City | |

Photo credits: Photo by The Door Agency and Vespertine


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