POP MART: Catalyzing Creativity and Connection in Glendale

In a striking blend of art and commerce, POP MART, the popular designer toy and entertainment brand, has unveiled its latest US store in the Glendale Galleria shopping center. This marks POP MART’s second location in Los Angeles, further solidifying its growing footprint in one of the world’s leading entertainment capitals.

Expanding Westward: The Strategic Growth of POP MART

The choice of Glendale Galleria is no coincidence. According to Kenneth Talao, Regional Manager for POP MART, “The Glendale Galleria store brings the unique POP MART shopping experience to even more LA residents. It is the second permanent store in the area following the recent opening in Westfield Century City, as well as expanding POP MART’s presence on the west coast.”

Glendale is not only a hub for major entertainment companies but also a melting pot of culture and creativity, making it an ideal location for POP MART, which thrives at the intersection of popular culture and artistic expression.

Reflecting Local Culture Through Artistic Collaboration

The integration of POP MART into the local scene is vividly illustrated by its collaboration with LA-native artist Libby Frame. “POP MART’s new Glendale store reflects the brand’s overall integration into the local culture by showcasing the recently launched Peach Riot series, designed by POP MART’s first US-based artist, Libby Frame,” explains Talao. The series has resonated deeply with the local community, selling over 240,000 blind box units and topping US sales charts for three months.

Additionally, the store features various entertainment licenses, aligning with Hollywood’s iconic brands such as Universal Studios and Warner Brothers. From Harry Potter to SpongeBob SquarePants, the Glendale location offers a curated selection that appeals to both local and global audiences.

Celebrating Female Empowerment Through Innovative Collaborations

One of POP MART’s standout initiatives is the CRYBABY x Powerpuff Girls collection, launched on International Women’s Day. Talao highlights the collection’s deeper message: “signifying that women can be strong and fierce while embracing their sensitivities and emotional vulnerabilities.” This initiative underscores POP MART’s commitment to promoting powerful messages through their products, resonating particularly with younger demographics.

Gen Z and the Blind Box Craze

POP MART’s expansion strategy includes targeting the “kidult” demographic, which has proven immensely successful. “POP MART is leading the way in the blind box experience globally, and is now bringing the sought after practice to more US shoppers than ever with the new Glendale store,” Talao notes. The brand’s popularity among Gen Z has skyrocketed, with North American sales growing 120% year-over-year from 2022 to 2023.

Immersive Retail Experiences at Glendale Galleria

The immersive environment of the Glendale Galleria store is another critical aspect of POP MART’s strategy to enhance the retail experience. “POP MART stores are visually engaging for all shoppers,” says Talao. The store features walls lined with original characters from the world of POP MART, MEGA Collection character displays, bright and colorful interiors and themed sections that captivate fans and collectors alike.

The new Glendale Galleria store is not just a retail space but a hub that encapsulates the essence of POP MART—celebrating creativity, self-expression and the universal joy of collecting. As POP MART continues to expand its presence across the US, it brings with it a unique blend of art, culture and commerce that resonates deeply with an ever-growing base of fans and collectors. This strategic expansion not only reinforces POP MART’s market presence but also solidifies its role in shaping contemporary pop culture.


Glendale Galleria

Location: 100 W Broadway Suite 100, Glendale, CA 91210
Hours of Operation: 11AM-8PM

Photo credits: Courtesy of POP MART


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