Lunar Love Fest: A Red-Themed Soiree that Dazzled Los Angeles

Celebrity deejay & fitness influencer, Sommer Ray, deejays at the ‘Lunar Love Fest’ by Passes

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, an event unfolded that was as much a celebration of love as it was a nod to cultural richness and digital-age glamour. Hosted by Passes’ CEO and founder, Lucy Guo, alongside ‘Too Hot To Handle’s’ Linzy Luu, the ‘Lunar Love Fest’ became the talk of the town, painting the Savanna Rooftop by Royva in vibrant shades of red. This exclusive invite-only event wasn’t just another soirée; it was a carefully curated experience that blended the Lunar New Year’s traditions with the contemporary zest of Los Angeles’ entertainment and digital scene.

The venue was a spectacle in itself, adorned with traditional Asian décor elements like red lanterns, cherry blossom trees, and artistic fans. The thematic wall art and pervasive red lighting set a scene that was both enchanting and Instagram-worthy. The dress code? All red, adding to the visual symphony and uniting guests in a collective embrace of the theme.

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ star cast, Sebastian Melrose, Kayla Richert, Trey Rogers, Dre Woodward, and Hunter Matthews, join their cast mate Linzy Luu

But what’s a fest without the feast? Guests were treated to an array of specialty cocktails and themed bites that tantalized the taste buds, ensuring that the celebration was as much about gastronomic delight as it was about social mingling. From the recovery drinks by The Plug Drink to the prebiotic soda by Poppi, not to mention the seafood wonders byThe Boiling Crab, the night was a journey of flavors. Partnering sponsors like Flex & betr played a pivotal role in elevating the experience, weaving in elements of lifestyle and wellness into the fabric of the evening.

Entertainment was top-tier, featuring performances by Nate Wyatt, Bonnie X Clyde, NoFhotos, SOMMER RAY & SPENCE, who ensured the dance floor remained packed until the early hours. The surprise acts, including a traditional Chinese dragon dance and a lip-syncing singer dressed as a Chinese ‘yiji’ performing ‘Reflection’ from Mulan, added layers of cultural homage and spectacle to the evening.

In a gesture that beautifully married tradition with the spirit of giving, Passes gifted guests red envelopes containing $2 bills, a symbolic nod to good wishes and luck for the new year. It was a thoughtful touch that underscored the evening’s deeper connections to cultural roots and the essence of the Lunar New Year celebration.

Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related’ stars Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn, celebrates the ‘Lunar Love Fest’ by Passes

‘Lunar Love Fest’ wasn’t just an event; it was a testament to the power of community, creativity, and cultural celebration. It highlighted how traditions could be both preserved and reimagined, creating a space where industry leaders, celebrities, and creators could come together to honor the past while dancing eagerly into the future.

As the night wound down and guests departed, the air buzzed with the energy of shared experiences and new connections. The ‘Lunar Love Fest’ set a new standard for how events could blend cultural celebration with modern entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to attend. In the city of angels, it was a night where love, tradition, and innovation danced together under a canopy of red, heralding the Lunar New Year in unforgettable style.

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Photo credits Courtesy of Cooper Bittman / Courtesy of Passes


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