2024 Whitney Biennial: L.A. Artist Gbenga Komolafe to Showcase ‘Glass House’ Installations with Volta Collective

From left to right: Volta’s cast; dancer Jolyn Lambey, DJ/sculptor Gbenga Komolafe, dancer Cacai Lacount, director Mamie Green, dancers Chadwick Gaspard and Paul Liu. 

Central Server Works and Volta Collective are proud to announce the participation of artist-collaborator Gbenga Komolafe in the 2024 edition of the Whitney Biennial. Just a few weeks prior to his museum showcase, Komolafe will participate in Volta’s upcoming production, Glass House, creating four large-scale installations that reference deconstructed homes. 

Komolafe’s sculptures, grappling with themes of nostalgia and organic decay, will serve as a crumbling theater for Volta’s dancers that become further impacted by audience interaction, simultaneously serving as a crumbling theater for Volta’s dancers. Additionally, the artist will present a DJ set, with its club dance music juxtaposed by composer Patrick Shiroshi’s live avant-garde score, promising an hour-long performance that is both ecstatic and unsettling.

About Gbenga Komolafe:

As a multidisciplinary artist, Gbenga Komolafe works across various mediums, including photo, video, textile, and sculpture. Growing up in seven countries, Gbenga’s third-culture childhood is reflected in their work, which explores subjective identity, cultural symbolism, and collective nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from traditional African art practices and the innovative craftsmanship of mid-20th-century queer and black American communities, Gbenga’s introspective and process-driven practice meditates on the unrewarded labor of their forefolks. For more information, visit gbenga.xyz/BIO-CV.

Whitney Biennial 2024:

Gbenga Komolafe has been invited to showcase his thought-provoking sculptures at the 2024 Whitney Biennial. His work, grappling with themes of nostalgia and organic decay highlights the convergence of traditional African art and postmodern abstraction.

Glass House by Volta Collective:

In collaboration with Volta Collective, Gbenga Komolafe’s work takes center stage in “Glass House,” an immersive dance performance exploring the psychological construction of home. Directed by Mamie Green, the show features a dynamic cast of collaborators, including writers Sammy Loren and Zoey Greenwald, and composer Patrick Shiroishi. Gbenga’s sculptures, designed to interact with the audience, add an element of unpredictability to each performance, allowing spectators to actively engage with the set.

For tickets and information, visit voltacollective.com

Dates: Thursday 02.29.24 to Sunday 03.03.24
Location: Gson Studios, 3218 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Hours: 8:00 pm
Ticket Price: $30.00


Photo credits: Courtesy of Anya GTA. 


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