Of Flacons and Fragrances: New Henry Jacques at Two Rodeo

French perfume-maker opens its first U.S. boutique

Makes Good Scents in Beverly Hills

Founded nearly half a century ago near Grasse, France, Parfums Henry Jacques established itself as a bespoke house for fragrances hand-crafted from essences that founder Henry Cremona personally sourced around the world. The “haute parfumerie française” remains in the hands of its founding family; its retail expansion began six years ago, bringing scents derived from its library of nearly 3,000 in-house creations to a wider audience.

The new Henry Jacques boutique in Beverly Hills suggests a 19th century French apartment. Large windows offer a glimpse inside from Two Rodeo’s cobblestone courtyard. Within are chevron-pattern flooring, old-oak cabinets and a matte gold ceiling with black cabochons and Bianca chandelier. A “catwalk” leads to an illuminated Corian perfume organ, a wall of flasks, beakers and containers flanked by “Bergere 1930” armchairs. Niches display hand-blown crystal flacons filled with “Les Classiques” fragrances. 

A VIP room, where clients can discover perfumes in privacy and at their own pace, features Louis XVIth-style velvet armchairs and Aki Kuroda lithographs on wool-clad walls. Hidden cabinets and a leather chest contain Masterpiece perfumes such as the paired fragrances Les Toupies as well as historic flacons and collectors’ accessories. 204 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.928.9222

Photo courtesy Parfums Henry Jacques.


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