Inspiration Straight From Your Local Bartender

In a new digital campaign that supports the creativity of L.A. and the hospitality community, bartenders are sharing their talents while they shelter-in-place—giving us inspiration for our weekends at home.

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The Bartender
Local mixologist T. Mitch Wetherington, along with Pabst Blue Ribbon and Grillo’s Pickles, partnered up to create a flavorful cocktail that is both salty and sweet at the same time. @totalmixologyworks @tmweth22

The Recipe
1 1/2 ounces Grillo’s Pickles Italian Dill Spears Juice
1/4 ounce Green Pepper hot sauce
1/4 ounce lemon juice
1 1/2 ounces Irish Whiskey
Large pinch of garlic powder
Cracked pepper
OG Pabst Blue Ribbon

Directions: Add all ingredients to a tumbler (except Pabst Blue Ribbon) with 4 ice cubes, then shake. Strain into a large glass with ice. Top with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Stir to incorporate and garnish with a delicious Grillo’s Pickle. Drink. Eat pickle. Enjoy.


The Bartender
Somewhere in Austin, Texas in a low-key lounge you will find Jojo Colona mixing a short menu of craft cocktails. He has lended his skills to the Pabst Blue Ribbon bartender inspiration program and crafted a “midnight delight”. @jojocolona

The Recipe
1/4 ounce coconut cream
1/2 ounce Fernet-Branca
1 ounce Kentucky Bourbon
3 ounces Pabst Hard Coffee

Directions: Pour into tumbler, shake and then strain over crushed ice in a Collins glass.


The Bartender
All around “pleasant” guy, Danny Cymbal, is an actor, comedian and writer who lends his talents to our featured treat this week. Check out his summer pick me up or catch him with his comedy group on YouTube. @hesmellsnice

The Recipe
1/2 pint vanilla ice cream
1/2 can Pabst Hard Coffee
Handful, mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup sparkling water

Directions: Add Hard Coffee, chocolate chips and sparkling water to ice cream and enjoy.


The Bartender
Mike Schlereth is a man of many talents and interests who can mix both drinks and tunes. Known simply as Moonbeam Mike, this self described record man is equal parts musician and bartender. His sound is eclectic with influences in R&B, Rock & Roll, early soul and American Roots, to name a few. @moonbeam_mike

The Recipe
1/2 can Pabst Hard Coffee
1.5 oz. rum
3 oz. fresh coconut water

Directions: Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and shake. Strain into a pint over fresh ice. Garnish with oven roasted fresh coconut shavings.


The Bartender
Ariel Valesco is a self-proclaimed “tavern wench/beer cracker, VHS hoarder, reader, photo taker, [and] drink maker” who pours for Detour Bistro Bar in Culver City. Working for a restaurant that combines farm-to-table produce with California seasonal and European-inspired dishes, Ariel has been known to mix up inventive, produce-forward cocktails. @mother_superior

The Recipe
Angostura bitters
1.5 oz. tequila
Pabst Hard Coffee
1 c. heavy cream
1 T. sugar

Directions: Add 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, 1.5 ounce tequila and Pabst Hard Coffee into a tumbler. Shake with ice, then pour over rocks. Add 1 cup heavy cream, 1 tablespoon sugar and 5 to 6 dashes of Angostura Bitters to a blender and blend. Top drink with Angostura spiced whipped cream and grated chocolate.


The Bartender
Joey Munoz is a cocktail enthusiast and musician who could often be found pouring at the Golden Gopher in DTLA or “taming” the strings with The Cauterizers, a local rock band. In keeping with the rich history and character of a saloon that survived Prohibition, Munoz and the Golden Gopher embody the survivor spirit of Los Angeles. @joey_boozer

The Recipe
2 ounces of Pabst Hard Coffee
1.5-ounce of mezcal
1/2-ounce Kahlua
Dark chocolate
Chili powder

Directions: Add hard coffee, mezcal and Kahlua into a tumbler then shake vigorously for froth. Pour and garnish with dark chocolate shavings and 2-3 sprinkles of chili powder.

Tip Your Bartender
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More About The Campaign
Pabst Blue Ribbon believes that “without fear there is no creativity. When artists push past fear to express something raw and real, they create breakthrough work—a new sound, a new style, a new statement—that empowers and excites their audience.” PBR continues to create new brand innovations such as Hard Coffee and created this campaign as their commitment to creativity and innovation even in the face of difficult and challenging times.

Header video clip by Taryn Elliott via Pexels. Video content and images courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR). Featured image by Archie Binamira from Pexels.


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