Uniting Hearts and Funds: Jillian Green Champions CHLA’s Make March Matter Campaign to New Heights

March in Los Angeles transforms into a month of giving, unity, and delicious ways to support a cause that touches hearts far and wide. Celebrities, local businesses, and organizations across sectors such as food, fashion, fitness, and beauty come together in a remarkable rally to support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) through the Make March Matter campaign. With a mission to provide care for all children, regardless of health insurance status, CHLA has successfully raised more than $1 million last year, thanks to the community’s unwavering support.

Among the myriad ways Angelenos can contribute, dining out stands out as a particularly flavorful method of making a difference. From the aromatic lavender lattes of Alfred Coffee to the indulgent strawberry scoops at Creamy Boys Ice Cream, local eateries are stepping up. Each establishment, whether it’s BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse encouraging donations at the register or Eataly hosting CHLA-themed cooking classes, is committing a portion of their proceeds to support CHLA’s lifesaving programs. This collaborative effort not only underscores the community’s dedication to healthcare but also offers a taste of how simple actions can lead to significant impacts.

At the helm of orchestrating this widespread community engagement is Jillian Green, the Associate VP of Corporate Partnerships at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), has been at the forefront of the Make March Matter campaign, which is now celebrating its impressive 9th year. Under her guidance, the campaign has successfully raised over $1 million last year, marking a significant milestone in its efforts to support CHLA’s lifesaving programs. As we dive into the intricacies of this campaign’s evolution and impact, Jillian’s insights provide a closer look at the strategies that have fueled its success and the memorable moments that underscore its importance.

Evolving Strategies for Engagement

Over the years, the approach to engaging celebrities, local businesses, and organizations in the Make March Matter campaign has seen significant evolution. Jillian Green notes, “We’ve adapted our strategy to focus not only on the breadth of our partnerships but also on deepening these relationships. By highlighting the tangible impact of CHLA’s programs, we’ve managed to cultivate a more engaged and committed supporter base.” This targeted approach has not only ensured continued support but has also attracted new partners eager to contribute to CHLA’s mission.

Selecting and Collaborating with Diverse Partners

The campaign’s success hinges on its ability to unite various sectors, from food and fashion to fitness and beauty, in support of children’s healthcare. Jillian shares, “Selecting partners is a meticulous process where we look for alignment in values and commitment to community impact. Collaboration then becomes a creative endeavor, where we work closely with our partners to craft initiatives that resonate with their audiences while advancing our mission.” This synergy between CHLA and its partners maximizes the campaign’s reach, making a compelling case for support across different communities.

Memorable Moments and Impact

When asked about the campaign’s impact, Jillian recalls several poignant success stories. “One of the most memorable moments came from a family whose child received life-saving care at CHLA. Their participation in a campaign event not only raised significant funds but also brought awareness to the critical needs of many other children.” These stories highlight the profound difference CHLA’s programs make, thanks to the collective effort of the Make March Matter campaign and its supporters.

As the Make March Matter campaign kicks off its 9th year, the excitement is palpable, with celebrities, local businesses, and organizations rallying to support CHLA’s vital work. This year promises to build on the campaign’s legacy of success, propelled by Jillian Green’s leadership and the unwavering commitment of the Los Angeles community. As we all Make March Matter, it’s clear that this initiative stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of collective action in supporting children’s health and well-being.

For More Information on CHLA and How You can Give Back, Visit  makemarchmatter.org/partners/

Photo credits: Courtesy of CHLA


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