Ubuntu’s Twilight Garden Party: TwentyTues

There’s something almost magical about a garden party as the sun dips below the horizon, especially when it’s orchestrated by Chef Shenarri “Greens” Freeman at Ubuntu, the heart of plant-based creativity on Melrose Avenue. This isn’t just another trendy vegan spot; it’s a celebration of rich, West African flavors spun into a modern, vegan tapestry. This year, with an innovative twist, Ubuntu launches “TwentyTues,” blending fine dining with wallet-friendly wining each Tuesday evening.

TwentyTues: A Confluence of Culinary and Vinous Delights

“TwentyTues” is Ubuntu’s latest lure, a cunning little scheme to make your Tuesdays tantalizing. From 5:00 to 10:00 pm every Tuesday, the garden party comes to life with a curated menu of $22 bottles of wine. Yes, you read that right—high-quality wine, the kind that usually tags along with a heftier price tag, now at a price that’s hard to pass. It’s an invitation to indulge in a bottle, or maybe two, without the next-day regrets to your wallet.

Pair that with Chef Freeman’s signature vegan dishes, and what you have is not just a meal, but a celebration. The wines are picked to complement the flavors of the menu, ensuring that each sip weaves perfectly with each bite. Imagine the earthy notes of a robust red blending with the spices of the Curry Jollof Arancini, or a crisp white that cuts through the richness of Palm Bisque.

Why Celebrate Tuesdays

“TwentyTues” at Ubuntu isn’t just a dining experience; it’s a cultural confluence, a place where the spirit of West Africa meets the laid-back luxury of LA’s dining scene. It’s where food enthusiasts, casual diners, and curious minds converge under the canopy of night, illuminated by the glow of soft patio lights and united by the love of a great meal at a great price.

So, here’s the play: clear your Tuesday evenings, call some good friends and make your way down to Ubuntu on Melrose Avenue. Dive into an evening where your senses are not just satisfied but ignited. After all, in the wise words often echoed by culinary mavericks past and present, dining isn’t just about eating; it’s about celebrating life, culture, and the moments we share. Ubuntu’s “TwentyTues” is here to make sure we celebrate splendidly.

For more information or reservations, please visit www.ubuntula.com or call (323)433-4141; and follow along on Instagram: @Ubuntu.LA.

Address: 7469 Melrose Ave., West. Hollywood
Dates: Tuesday-5-10 p.m.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Ubuntu


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