Twisting the Snack Game: Inside the New Flavors of Twisted by Wetzel’s in L.A.

In the heart of La Habra, a huge change happened within Wetzel’s Pretzels began last year, and now, Los Angeles is getting a taste of the action with the opening of the second Twisted by Wetzel’s location. Imagine a place where the humble pretzel is not just a snack but an experience, a canvas for culinary creativity. This is Twisted by Wetzel’s.

Walking into Twisted by Wetzel’s is like stepping into a kaleidoscope of colors and aromas, as its vibrant, energetic interior mirrors the playful and innovative spirit of the menu. The scent of fresh pretzels, a comforting and familiar smell, is just the beginning. This isn’t your average pretzel joint; it’s a place where friends gather, where snacks are not just eaten but experienced.

The menu at Twisted is a wild ride of flavors. From the pizza bomb Twistz that explode with flavor in your mouth to the bacon ranch Bitz that are a crunchy delight, every item is a surprise. The Baja elote Bitz are a nod to street food classics, and for those with a sweet tooth, the horchata slushie is a way to go.

An unmissable highlight at Twisted by Wetzel’s is their new Gourmet Dogz. These hotdogs are nestled in pretzel buns, boasting unique creations like the Baja Boardwalk and Everything bacon, each topped with an array of flavorful garnishes. As if that’s not enough, the Sweet Treats section tempts with s’mores Bitz and Chimney Cakes, bursting with indulgent fillings like cookies & cream – a dream for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. And here’s a pro tip: bring friends. The generous portion sizes are perfect for sharing, turning a snack run into a mini feast.

Drinks? They’ve got those too. The peach matcha palmer and strawberry coco dream are just a few of the innovative drinks that make the perfect pairing with their pretzel delights. No matter what combination of food and drinks you choose, you can’t really go wrong in terms of flavor.

Vincent Montanelli, the COO of Wetzel’s Pretzels, sums up the experience: “It’s not just classic pretzel lovers who are loving our Twisted by Wetzel’s concept.” And he’s right. This is a place for everyone, from millennials to Gen Z, looking for something new and exciting.

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Photo credits: Courtesy of Twisted by Wetzel’s and Pablo Gomez


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