The L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition

L. Ron Hubbard posed two defining questions about the measure of a life: Did one achieve what they set out to do? And did their existence bring joy to others? His extensive contributions to the world, spanning over ten thousand written works and three thousand recorded lectures on Dianetics and Scientology, stand as a testament to his pursuit of intention. Yet, it is the immeasurable positive change in the lives of countless individuals that truly underscores his significance. From students excelling due to his educational insights, to those liberated from drug addiction through his rehabilitation techniques, to countless others inspired by his moral teachings and spiritual guidance, Hubbard’s influence resonates deeply.

The Hollywood Guaranty Building invites you to immerse yourself in the multifaceted journey of L. Ron Hubbard—explorer, writer, philosopher and humanitarian—through its interactive exhibition. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, this showcase offers a window into the profound and enduring legacy of Mr. Hubbard’s impact on the world today.

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Hours: Monday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Location: Hollywood Guaranty Building

Address: 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles

Photo credits: The L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition


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