Ringing in the Lunar New Year with Volvo and EST Media: A Celebration of Culture, Community, and Innovation

This past weekend Volvo Cars USA and EST Media hosted a vibrant celebration for Lunar New Year at The Bloc in Downtown Los Angeles, marking the occasion with an array of cultural festivities, performances, and a unique showcase of Volvo’s latest electric vehicles. The event, free and open to the community, drew a bustling crowd eager to immerse themselves in the festivities and embrace the Year of the Dragon.

As guests arrived, they were greeted by a meticulously organized event space, each section offering a different facet of the celebration. Central to the event was Volvo’s electric car showcase, where attendees had the exclusive opportunity to test drive the latest models, including the XC40 and C40 Recharge. This showcase not only highlighted Volvo’s commitment to sustainability and innovation but also paid homage to the rich history behind the brand, emphasizing its vision for a greener future.

The celebration was heightened by special appearances and activations that captivated attendees of all ages. Juliet Ivy graced the stage with a live performance that mesmerized the audience, blending her unique artistic expression with the festive spirit of the New Year. The CrunchBros, known for their engaging presence, hosted a signing event, sharing their latest culinary adventures and recipes with fans.

A highlight of the event was the family portrait station manned by renowned LA photographer Emanuel Hahn. Families and groups of people lined up to have their moments captured against a beautifully designed graphic background that symbolized Volvo’s sleek design ethos. These portraits offered a tangible memory of the day, embodying the celebration’s theme of family and community.

Further enriching the celebration were the Kung Fu and Lion Dances performed by Kong’s Siu Lum Pai Kung Fu Association from Monterey Park, a spectacle that brought the traditions of Lunar New Year to life. The Boba Guys provided refreshments, serving up their signature boba drinks, while beats by Jasmine Solano filled the air, setting an upbeat tone for the event.

Attendees also had the chance to receive an exclusive tote filled with merchandise and products from local Asian artisans. This thoughtful gesture included items such as chili crisp by Fly by Jing, a reusable boba cup, and a signed copy of “Cooking with The CrunchBros,” offering a taste of Asian culture and craftsmanship.

Janique Helson, Head of Brand Marketing at Volvo Car USA, offered valuable insights into the significance of their collaboration with EST, emphasizing the partnership’s critical role in reinforcing Volvo’s dedication to fostering community connections amidst transformative times. She articulated how this joint effort with EST was not merely a celebration but a powerful platform for Volvo to underscore its commitment to driving positive change within communities.

How does Volvo Car USA’s partnership with EST for the second annual Lunar New Year event align with Volvo’s brand values, particularly in terms of family and community?

“Volvo Car USA’s partnership with EST for the Lunar New Year event is a natural extension of our core values, emphasizing the importance of family and community. At Volvo, we believe in bringing people together and fostering connections, and this event is a perfect reflection of that. By celebrating Lunar New Year traditions with a focus on family, we’re not just honoring a rich cultural heritage; we’re also strengthening the bonds within our diverse communities, aligning perfectly with our commitment to safety, care, and respect for everyone.”

With the opportunity for attendees to test drive Volvo’s fully electric car lineup at the event, could you discuss how Volvo is integrating its commitment to sustainability and innovation within the framework of cultural celebrations?

“Integrating our fully electric car lineup into the Lunar New Year celebration is a key expression of Volvo’s dedication to sustainability and technological innovation. These test drives offer a hands-on experience with our latest advancements, showcasing how electric vehicles can enhance our lives while protecting the planet. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and leading the shift towards a more sustainable future, all while celebrating cultural diversity and innovation.”

Given the unique blend of performances, culinary feasts, and activities at the Lunar New Year event, how does Volvo Car USA plan to measure the success of this event in terms of engagement and impact on the community?

“The success of the Lunar New Year event will be measured not just by the number of attendees but by the impact it has on the community and the connections it fosters. Engagement, feedback from participants, and the joy of shared experiences will be key indicators of success. Additionally, we’re looking at the longer-term effects, such as increased awareness and appreciation of AAPI cultures and how these experiences influence perceptions and actions towards a more inclusive community.

It’s these thoughtful touches that deepen the relationship between Volvo, our customers, and the broader community, reinforcing our commitment to not just mobility, but meaningful, sustainable, and inclusive living.”

We also had the privilege of engaging with the event’s starlight, Juliet Ivy (Musician), who provided a captivating glimpse into her Chinese-Colombian heritage and detailed the profound significance of her performance at this event. Juliet eloquently shared how her rich, multicultural background deeply influences her art and why participating in this celebration was a matter of personal importance. She expressed a heartfelt connection to the event’s objectives, emphasizing how it resonated with her own values of cultural diversity and community engagement, and how it presented a unique opportunity to honor her dual heritage while contributing to a vibrant, inclusive celebration.

As an artist known for your unique style, can you share how your heritage and personal experiences have influenced your artistic expression, particularly in projects that celebrate cultural events like the Lunar New Year?

“My music is deeply rooted in my Chinese-Colombian heritage, blending the vibrant, passionate essence of Colombian culture with the intricate, symbolic richness of Chinese tradition. Each piece I create is a dialogue between these two worlds, aiming to explore the complexities of identity and belonging. Through my work for the Lunar New Year event, I want to celebrate the universality of family and community, weaving together narratives that resonate across cultures, yet pay homage to my unique background”

The second annual Lunar New Year event curated by EST and supported by Volvo Car USA emphasizes the importance of family and community. How does your art reflect these themes, and what message do you hope to convey to the audience at this event?

“Family and community are the bedrock of both Chinese and Colombian cultures, serving as a constant source of inspiration. In celebrating the Lunar New Year with EST and Volvo Car USA, my goal is to encapsulate the warmth, unity, and vibrancy of these gatherings.”

With your involvement in the Lunar New Year celebration that showcases AAPI talent within the LA community, how do you see your art contributing to the visibility and appreciation of AAPI artists and their diverse perspectives?

“As a Chinese-Colombian artist in the LA community, I’m deeply committed to elevating AAPI voices and stories through my work. This event is a powerful platform to showcase the diversity and talent within our community, and I see my music as a bridge connecting different cultures, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of AAPI perspectives. By celebrating our heritage, we not only honor our ancestors but also pave the way for future generations to thrive.”

ow do you view the intersection of technology and art, especially in the context of promoting environmental sustainability and cultural celebration?

“As an artist, I’m excited about the possibilities that technology offers for creative expression and environmental stewardship. Volvo’s commitment to fully electric vehicles aligns with my own values of sustainability and community care. Through my art, I aim to highlight the importance of protecting our planet while celebrating our cultural roots, encouraging a harmonious balance between innovation and environmental responsibility.”

The event at The Bloc was a testament to the power of community, innovation, and cultural celebration. It provided a space for attendees to come together, experience the joy of the Lunar New Year, and explore Volvo’s vision for a sustainable future. As the festivities drew to a close, guests left with not just memories and portraits, but a renewed sense of hope and excitement for the year ahead. Volvo Cars USA and EST Media’s Lunar New Year celebration was indeed a remarkable blend of excitement, innovation, and joy, setting a high bar for future cultural celebrations.

For more information about the two organizations, Volvo and Eastern Standard Times (EST)

Photo credits: Courtesy of estmedia.com


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