Exploring the Stage: TodayTix and LA Theatre Week Light Up the City

Los Angeles, often hailed as the entertainment capital of the world, is no stranger to the limelight. Yet, beyond the silver screens and studio sets, the city boasts a vibrant theatre scene, rich with diversity, talent, and creativity. Enter LA Theatre Week: a celebration of performing arts that beckons locals and visitors alike to delve into the world of live theatre. From March 26 through April 14, 2024, TodayTix, the digital gateway to cultural experiences, is at the helm, offering tickets to a slew of performances starting at just $20.

Funny Girl

“We’re on a mission to make theatre accessible to everyone,” explains Tracy Geltman, General Manager at TodayTix. “Theatre Week is not just about discounted tickets; it’s about opening doors to new experiences, fostering a community around the arts, and supporting the incredible talent we have right here in Los Angeles.”

“Making theatre accessible and affordable is at the core of what we do at TodayTix,” Geltman emphasizes. “By offering tickets starting at $20, we’re not just opening the theatre doors wider; we’re inviting everyone to experience the joy and transformation that comes from live performance. We hope this initiative not only brings new audiences into theatres but also fosters a lifelong love for the arts.”

The lineup for this year’s Theatre Week is nothing short of spectacular, featuring an array of performances from fan favorites like “Fat Ham” and “Funny Girl” to newer additions such as “One of the Good Ones.” “Selecting shows for Theatre Week is a thoughtful process,” Geltman shares. “We aim to reflect the diversity and richness of LA’s cultural scene. It’s important to us that everyone can find something that speaks to them.”

Fat Ham

Collaboration with local institutions such as the Center Theatre Group and Pasadena Playhouse is key to the event’s success. “These partnerships are vital,” Geltman notes. “They not only enrich the Theatre Week experience but also highlight the importance of regional theatre in cultivating a vibrant arts community.”

One standout in this year’s offerings is “One of the Good Ones,” a new play from Gloria Calderón Kellett, renowned for her work on “One Day at a Time.” “Gloria’s storytelling is powerful and resonant,” says Geltman. “This play is a significant addition to Theatre Week because it exemplifies the kind of thought-provoking, engaging, and entertaining content we want to showcase. Gloria Calderón Kellett’s work is a beacon of modern storytelling. This play, in particular, is a testament to her ability to weave humor with profound insights into the human experience. It’s a significant addition to Theatre Week because it showcases the power of new works to engage, challenge, and entertain audiences. We’re thrilled to include such a compelling piece in our lineup.”

On the topic of collaboration, Geltman highlights the synergy between TodayTix and local theatre institutions. “Our partnerships with organizations like the Center Theatre Group and Pasadena Playhouse are foundational. They’re not just about logistics; they’re about shared visions for the arts. These institutions are cultural pillars in LA, and their involvement ensures Theatre Week is a testament to the highest standards of excellence and community engagement in the performing arts.”

Tracy Geltman, General Manager at TodayTix

As LA Theatre Week unfolds, Geltman and the TodayTix team are excited to share the magic of live theatre with Angelenos. “We hope that Theatre Week will ignite a passion for the performing arts and encourage people to support local theatre throughout the year,” Geltman concludes.

With a vision as grand as the stages it illuminates, LA Theatre Week, powered by TodayTix, promises to be a beacon for those seeking to explore, experience, and enjoy the world of theatre. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre-goer or new to the scene, there’s a seat waiting for you.

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