Experience Authentic Italian Flavors at Eataly Century City’s Capri and Terra

Eataly’s Century City hosts two dining experiences, each offering a unique taste of Italy’s rich culinary landscape. Here, every dish tells a story, every sip carries the essence of Italy. Whether you’re craving the vibrant flavors of southern Italy at Capri or yearning for the rustic charm of a rooftop grill at Terra, these culinary destinations will transport you straight to the heart of Italy.

Capri: Nestled under a dreamy canopy of lemon trees, Capri at Eataly Century City is your go-to spot for a slice of Italian paradise. Imagine lounging on a plant-laden, sun-kissed balcony, sipping wine, and indulging in mouth-watering eats – all in the middle of your shopping spree!

Capri isn’t just about the ambiance; it’s a celebration of coastal Italian flavors that have made it a must-visit destination. Dive into a sea of culinary delights with their popular dishes like the succulent Branzino, fresh Oysters, decadent Tagliolini Al Tartufo Bianco, and the creamy Spaghetto All Nerano. Love seafood? Their Tonnarelli Con Astice and the much-loved Carpaccio Di Ricciola will have you hooked!

The limoncello-focused beverage program and a selection of regional Italian wines perfectly complement the dishes. Menu standouts include the delicate Tartare di Scorfano, featuring rock fish and Italian extra virgin olive oil, and the Tartare di Tonno, a sumptuous tuna tartare. The Crudo di Capesante offers a fresh take on raw sea scallops, while the Carpaccio di Ricciola, with its thinly sliced yellowtail and zesty lemon dressing, is a true testament to the restaurant’s commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Terra: Perched atop the building, Terra offers a panoramic dining experience with breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills.

Executive Chef, Giuseppe Manco brings his expertise to the table, with a menu that focuses on simplicity and flavor. The wood-burning Italian grill infuses dishes like grilled whole artichokes, local beets, and pasture-raised mutton with a subtle smokiness. Traditional Italian fare, including a variety of pastas and salads, is also available, alongside a unique gelato cart for crafting table-side sundaes. The wine list is notable for its selection of organic and low-sulfite Italian wines.

Terra’s beverage program, curated by Luigi Capasso (Beverage General Manager) and Vincenzo Marianella (Bar Manager), is a highlight. With a focus on gin, the bar offers a selection of international and domestic gins, including five from Italy. The botanical cocktails, such as strawberry-and-rhubarb or cucumber-lemon-rosemary gin and tonics, are enhanced with herbs from the restaurant’s own garden.

Eataly’s Capri and Terra offer not just meals, but culinary journeys. Capri brings the essence of southern Italy’s coast to the table, while Terra elevates the dining experience with its rooftop ambiance and wood-fired flavors. Together, they embody the diversity and richness of Italian cuisine, making Eataly Century City a must-visit destination for Italian food aficionados.

For more information and times, visit Eataly Los Angeles

Address: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

Photo credits: Courtesy of MMGY Global and Eataly


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