Discover California’s Hidden Gems: ‘LOST LA’ Season 6 with Host Nathan Masters

Los Angeles, often perceived as a city defined by Hollywood glitz and glamour, hides layers of history seldom explored. KCET’s Emmy®-winning series ‘LOST LA,’ in collaboration with the University of Southern California Libraries, invites viewers on a captivating journey to uncover these layers. As the show gears up for its sixth season, premiering on PBS SoCal, it promises to be a treasure trove of untold stories and forgotten histories.

Hosted by the insightful public historian and writer Nathan Masters, ‘LOST LA‘ stands out as a beacon of historical exploration. Masters, known for his engaging storytelling, returns to delve into an eclectic mix of topics: from the whimsical world of tiki culture to the origins of fast food, the significance of Historic Filipinotown, the evolution of hiking, the history of tuberculosis and the stories hidden within cemeteries. This season, viewers can expect a blend of the quirky, the profound, and the unexpected, all woven into the fabric of Southern California’s past.

What makes ‘LOST LA‘ particularly compelling is its foundation on primary sources. The series adeptly uses documents, photos, and rare artifacts from California’s libraries and archives, providing an authenticity to the stories being told. It challenges the assumption that Los Angeles lacks historical depth, instead revealing a city rich with untold narratives and hidden histories.

The new season of ‘LOST LA’ is scheduled to air on PBS SoCal beginning January 2 at 7:30 p.m. PT, setting the stage for an evening of historical discovery. It will be followed by the 10th anniversary season of ‘FINDING YOUR ROOTS WITH HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR.’ The synergy between these shows creates a perfect lineup for history enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. For those who cannot catch the broadcast, ‘LOST LA’ and ‘FINDING YOUR ROOTS’ will be available for streaming on their respective websites and on the free PBS App. Members of PBS SoCal and KCET will enjoy early access to stream all episodes starting January 2.

In conclusion, ‘LOST LA’ Season 6 is more than just a documentary series; it’s an invitation to view Los Angeles through a different lens. It’s a chance to journey through time, uncover hidden gems, and understand the city’s rich and diverse history. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a curious viewer from afar, ‘LOST LA’ is a must-watch, offering insights and surprises that will change the way you see Los Angeles forever.

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Photo credits: Courtesy of Allison Gray and KCET


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