Sneak Peak of The Last Manhunt at The Autry Museum

Autry Museum Of The American West

Pioneertown International Film Festival is here and is showcasing a a special showcase for The Last Manhunt at the Autry Museum

The Pioneertown International Film Festival revolves around Western movies, and is one immersive event, as events will take place in the original studios built by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry in the 1940’s as an Old West movie set. Its opening night will be special, featuring a live concert of the legendary band The Dandy Warhols, and the Jason Momoa-produced original Western, The Last Manhunt. This film will be one of the festival’s highlights. It tells the tragic true story of the last great American manhunt of the old west, based on the oral history of the Chemehuevi tribe – located in Joshua Tree, CA. The tribe, as well as the film’s cast will be present for the screening.

To celebrate this iconic film festival, The Autry Museum Of The American West in Los Angeles (partners of The Pioneertown International Film Festival), will be showing an exclusive special sneak peek of The Last Manhunt to their members only, before its official festival premiere at Pioneertown International Film Festival. The program will be listed in museum’s member e-blast and is also mentioned in the print calendar. Also, The Autry Museum Of The American West will also offer free entry to the museum to all the festival’s attendees up until the end of the year.

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Here is what Julian T. Pinder, founder of the festival, said:

“The Pioneertown Int’l Film Festival is very excited about partnering with Autry Museum of The American West- it’s such an organic relationship considering the history of Pioneertown and the impact that Gene Autry himself had here. But also the mission of both the Pioneertown Int’l Film Festival and The Autry are strongly aligned in that we both aim to preserve, and to re-engage, the history and the stories of the Frontier whether it be through cinema, art or music. To us it’s important that The Last Manhunt play at both The Autry and the Pioneertown Int’l Film Festival because both organizations reach different audiences in different ways. We’re not only proud to premiere The Last Manhunt on the merits of it being a great film, but we also feel that the re-imagining of the Western genre from an indigenous perspective is a very profound and powerful step in the right direction.”

For Autry Members, come see the early screening of The Last Manhunt at The Autry Museum Of The American West, at May 6 (7pm-10pm).

Come check out the Pioneertown International Film Festival, presented by Fistful of Bourbon, will be held on 27-29 May in Pioneertown (30 minutes from Joshua Tree, CA).

Autry Museum: Griffith Park, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, 


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