Anticipate the Unveiling: 4 Shore Elevates Long Beach’s Dining Scene

On May 10, Long Beach welcomes an exciting addition to its dining scene with the opening of 4 Shore, a fine dining restaurant and cocktail lounge located in the esteemed Naples neighborhood. Founded by Joshua Sanchez, a respected sports business executive with deep ties to the community, 4 Shore aims to set a new standard for culinary excellence and innovative mixology in Southern California.

The Concept Behind 4 Shore

Joshua Sanchez’s transition from sports business to hospitality is driven by his passion for the Long Beach community. “I’ve grown up here and am excited to bring 4 Shore to this beautiful community,” Sanchez states. His vision for 4 Shore is to create a venue that not only serves food but also enriches the local dining culture by offering a unique blend of exceptional cuisine and sophisticated ambiance.

Culinary Excellence at 4 Shore

The menu at 4 Shore has been meticulously curated by Chef Jared Ventura and is overseen by Executive Chef Ben Davenport. The offerings include a variety of dishes that showcase premium meats, delicate seafood, and exquisite handmade pasta, designed to cater to discerning tastes. Signature dishes such as Japanese yellowtail crudo, scallop plate and beef strip loin highlight the chefs’ focus on quality and flavor.

Chef Ventura has leveraged his extensive experience in French and Italian cuisines to develop a menu that combines tradition with innovation. “My goal was to create dishes that Long Beach diners will appreciate and be excited to experience,” Ventura comments. Executive Chef Ben Davenport, a local resident and seasoned chef, adds, “Having been a part of this community for almost a decade, I am thrilled to offer something beautiful like 4 Shore to Long Beach.”

A New Era of Mixology

The cocktail program at 4 Shore, led by master mixologist Walker Marsh, promises to be a highlight. The bar will feature a range of crafted spirits and cocktails made from house-made infusions and fresh ingredients, such as the ‘Fig Old Fashioned’ and ‘Kyoto Kiss’. “Bringing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in Los Angeles back home to Long Beach has been incredibly rewarding,” Marsh shares.

A Commitment to the Community

4 Shore is set to become a key player in the Long Beach dining landscape. With its doors open for dinner every day of the week and a special happy hour on weekdays, the restaurant is ready to offer a memorable dining experience to both locals and visitors alike.

As 4 Shore prepares for its grand opening on May 10th, 2024, it invites the community to experience its innovative approach to dining and mixology. With a team of experienced chefs and mixologists, 4 Shore is poised to become a beloved destination in Long Beach, where each visit promises to be an enriching experience.

For more information and to stay tuned on the opening, please visit: and on Instagram: @4shorela

Address: 5716 2nd St, Long Beach
Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 5-10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday: 5 p.m.-12 a.m.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Wonho Frank Lee and EMC Brand


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