A Night of Health and Art: Venice Family Clinic’s Inaugural HEART Gala


A constellation of art, philanthropy and celebrity aligned at the Venice Family Clinic’s Inaugural HEART (Health + Art) Gala, held at 3Labs in Culver City. This special event not only celebrated the fusion of health and art but also acknowledged the remarkable contributions of its steadfast supporters, Morleigh Steinberg and U2’s The Edge, who were honored with the first-ever HEART Award.

An Evening of Elegance and Advocacy

The Gala, infused with both glamour and generosity, was hosted by comedian Matt Friend, whose witty monologue and spot-on celebrity impressions set a lighthearted tone for the evening. The event raised a remarkable $2.7 million, bolstering the Clinic’s mission to deliver comprehensive health services to over 45,000 individuals across Los Angeles County, irrespective of their financial, insurance, or immigration status.

A Legacy of Community and Compassion

Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston shared a poignant history of the Clinic’s early days during the 1979 financial crunch that nearly closed its doors. Thanks to a group of visionary women and members from the Venice arts community, including prominent figures like Frank Gehry and Larry Bell, the Venice Art Walk was born, ensuring the clinic’s survival. Today, the legacy continues with the 45th Annual Venice Family Clinic Art Walk + Auction, an event that celebrates the art community’s ongoing commitment to health care.

Morleigh Steinberg, Chris Martin and The Edge

Celebrating Health and Art

The evening was not just about reflection but also forward motion, highlighted by the Clinic’s newly launched HEART Initiative, which underscores the intersection of creativity and compassion. CEO Mitesh Popat emphasized the initiative’s role in making quality healthcare accessible for all, reflecting the true “HEART of LA.”

Morleigh Steinberg and The Edge expressed deep gratitude upon receiving the HEART Award, underscoring their commitment to community and healthcare. Their speech touched on the personal significance of the award and their dedication to ensuring everyone has access to necessary health services.

A Symphony of Sounds and Social Responsibility

The musical lineup was nothing short of spectacular, with Grammy-winner Beck delivering electrifying performances of his greatest hits. The evening concluded with a heartfelt tribute by Levi Evans, son of The Edge and Morleigh, who performed alongside his band, NOFUN!, capping off the night with a vibrant celebration of music and family.

Auctions, Art, and the Future

The event also featured a breathtaking art installation by Joanna Todaro and an auction that included unique items and experiences, from music memorabilia to luxurious getaways. Every bid placed contributed to the Clinic’s ongoing efforts to tackle the most pressing health challenges in the community.

A Robust Support System

The success of the inaugural HEART Gala was made possible by the generous support of leading sponsors including Live Nation, The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation, UCLA Health, and the David Geffen School of Medicine. Their involvement underscores a collective endorsement of the Clinic’s vital role in the community.

Anjelica Huston and Chuck Lorre

Conclusion: A Heartfelt Triumph

The HEART Gala not only raised funds but also hope, highlighting the power of community and the arts as vital catalysts for social change and healthcare access. As we look towards the future, the Venice Family Clinic stands as a beacon of what is possible when art and altruism converge to heal and uplift the human spirit. This event is not just a celebration but a call to action, inspiring all of us to participate in shaping a healthier, more inclusive society

Guest, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Eric Kripke, Antony Starr

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About Venice Family Clinic                

Venice Family Clinic is a nonprofit health center providing comprehensive, high-quality care to over 45,000 people annually across Los Angeles County, regardless of their income, insurance, or immigration status. The Clinic operates in various locations including Venice, Santa Monica, and Culver City, and offers services such as mental health, dental care, substance use treatment, and more. It also runs mobile clinics and street medicine programs to reach the homeless.

Location: 3Labs – 8461 Warner Dr, Culver City

Photo credits: Photos courtesy of Shutterstock for Venice Family Clinic


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