Theatre | Robert Sean Leonard Stars in Pygmalion

Robert Sean Leonard Stars in Pygmalion

PygmalionHouse, M.D. and Dead Poets Society actor Robert Sean Leonard brings his talent to the Old Globe in George Bernard Shaw’s most popular masterpiece.

Robert Sean Leonard—famous for his roles in the critically acclaimed Robin Williams film Dead Poets Society and Fox’s TV drama House, M.D.—stars as Henry Higgins in modern masterpiece that inspired the musical My Fair Lady. Opening this Saturday, Pygmalion follows Higgins, a speech professor, as he endeavors to pass the cockney Eliza Doolittle off as the epitome of English high-society as the result of a friendly wager. But can Doolittle, played by Broadway’s Charlotte Parry, survive Higgin’ boorish bullying? Renowned director Nicholas Martin returns to the Globe to direct this funny, touching and unforgettable battle of wits between two of the theatre’s most iconic characters. Jan. 12-Feb. 17. The Old Globe, 1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park. 619.234.5623.



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