Shopping | Summer Sandals from Azzurra Capri

Summer Sandals from Azzurra Capri

azzurra-capriThere are sandals and then there are fine Italian leather sandals from Little Italy’s Azzurra Capri. Treat your feet this summer.

A lovely new shop downtown promises your feet will be the focus of admirers this summer. Azzurra Capri, a luxury brand of Italian-crafted leather sandals, has opened its first flagship store—offering an array of elegant footwear adorned in Swarovski crystals. The glamorous collection oozes femininity, with each set of sandals named after a woman. The Cleopatra, for example, is a set of glamorous, gold leather sandals decorated with light purple Swarovski crystals—a perfect accompaniment to a flowing maxi dress. The boutique also carries sophisticated women’s clothing and accessories. 1840 Columbia St., Little Italy, 619.213.3430.



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