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Fresh Baked Cupcakes with a Heavenly Touch

heavenly-cupcake-downtownHeavenly Cupcake’s sweet treats are the icing on the Gaslamp cake.

Heavenly Cupcake specializes in baking cupcakes the old fashioned way. Each cupcake is hand baked throughout the day to ensure the freshest cupcakes no matter the time. Frosted and decorated with Heavenly Cupcake’s signature halo candy or specialty toping, these delicious homemade treats are a festive addition to any party, special occasion or ordinary day. For a truly mouth watering experience try Heavenly Cupcake’s signature flavor, Orange Chip. Made with vanilla cake and a hint of orange zest, this tasty treat is topped with dark chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. Also try the devil pops, Heavenly Cupcake’s unique, alcohol-infused take on the popular cake-pop. 518 6th Ave., San Diego, 619.235.9235.



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