Restaurants | Red Pearl Kitchen Serves Authentic Pan-Asian Cuisine

Red Pearl Kitchen Serves Authentic Pan-Asian Cuisine

red-pearl-kitchen-downtownWith a hip, contemporary bar scene, Red Pearl Kitchen makes dining unique and glamorous.

Red Pearl Kitchen offers a combination of authentic Chinese and East Asian recipes with a hip, contemporary bar scene. 1940’s Shanghai glamour meets modern urban dining to create an ambiance that is always friendly, inviting and relaxed. The extensive menu offers a new twist on traditional Pan-Asian Cuisine and is great for individual or family-style dining; guests can select from a wide array of dim sum, salad, hot pot, curry, noodle, wok-fired and vegetable dishes. The menu, combined with the full bar and overall design gives Red Pearl Kitchen a vibe that is glamorous, exotic and sexy. Fourth Ave. D nightly. 440 J St., Gaslamp, 619.231.1100.



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