Restaurants | Neighborhood Welcomes the Casual Connoisseur

Neighborhood Welcomes the Casual Connoisseur

neighborhood-gaslampTaking a page from traditional London gastropubs, Neighborhood serves up traditional pub fare with an upscale twist.

Inspired by the classic gastropubs of London, Neighborhood caters to the casual connoisseur. The straightforward menu mixes contemporary cooking techniques with traditional American dishes, while using only the freshest and boldest ingredients. From creative appetizers like popcorn with truffle butter and Parmesan cheese to mouthwatering burgers and other savory comfort foods, each dish is bursting with flavor. Don’t bother asking for ketchup — not only does Neighborhood not keep any on hand, you won’t need it. The selection of house-made sauces covers everything from raspberry aioli to smoked chipotle puree. Neighborhood also touts 27 craft microbrews on tap including a vast selection of locally brewed libations and an impressive array of whisky. 777 G Street, San Diego. 619.446.0002.‎



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