Nightlife | Noble Experiment Pleases the Palates of Cocktail Aficionados

Noble Experiment Pleases the Palates of Cocktail Aficionados

noble-experimentAt San Diego’s most exclusive bar, getting in is part of the fun.

Through the lively crowd at Neighborhood, past the bathrooms and behind a secret door lies Noble Experiment, the small, secret space serving up some of San Diego’s most unique cocktails. After checking in with the hostess, feast your eyes on the ominous wall of gold skulls positioned opposite the beautifully designed bar. The décor is rounded out with white leather seating areas and vintage photos that resemble 19th century France. Order off of the frequently changing menu or trust your palate to one of the well-seasoned bartenders by choosing a “dealer’s choice.” Noble Experiment uses only the finest, most flavorful liquors and mixers in its carefully crafted cocktails. You won’t find any vodka at this dimly lit speakeasy either, so don’t ask. Reservations required. 777 G Street, San Diego. 619.888.4713.



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