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All Whiskey, All the Time.  Ain’t Life Grand?

Two hundred and fifty whiskeys are right at home on the shelves of Seven Grand’s new North Park location.

SevenGrand-north-parkA second location of the popular downtown-L.A. whiskey bar Seven Grand has set up shop in North Park with a look that trend-watching barflies will find familiar—all dim-lit and dark mahogany, heavy on the taxidermy. “Hunting-lodge-chic” might be a familiar design scheme, but fans of the brown liquor will bask in the rustic décor and dim lighting, and revel at the eye-popping list of premium whiskeys, which number 250 and counting (it’ll eventually get to 400). Single malt, blended, highland, lowland, small-batch, white dog, bourbons older than your average college senior: They’re all here, including labels from unexpected places like Japan and India, plus a variety of cask-strength bourbons. Drink ‘em neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water, or have the barkeep mix you up a sazerac or a rye Manhattan from the limited, yet classic cocktail menu. There’s a good selection of local craft beers, too, plus live jazz, a dedicated cigar-smoking patio, pool tables and nostalgic black-and-white movies playing silently on a couple of unobtrusively placed TVs. 3054 University Ave., North Park. 619.269.8820.



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