Celebrity Interview: Trina Turk

Celebrity Interview: Trina Turk

TrinaTurk-interviewDesigner Trina Turk is a fashion maven in the truest sense of the term — she even has her own travel uniform. Check out her take on fall trends and how to look chic even a thousand miles from home as she opens up about her latest projects.

With a sleek, Louise Brooks-style bob and clothes that would make any ’60s or ’70s movie siren swoon, designer Trina Turk embodies the
retro-chic luxury of her lifestyle brand. Her empire includes women’s ready-to-wear, a menswear line called Mr. Turk (designed by her husband, Jonathan Skow) and a home-décor collection. Turk gives WHERE her take on fall trends, travel and how to look chic on the road. —Rosie Leonetti

What is on your fall fashion radar?

Patterned pants, whether they be plaid or houndstooth or a printed pajama pant. There’s a lot of gorgeous, vibrant color for fall: fuchsias, pomegranates, teal, persimmon-y oranges.

What inspired your three-part women’s collection this season?

Let’s talk about Fall 2, which we call “Hollywood Heroines.” My inspiration was classic, lady-like heroines like Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedren. Fall 3 is called “English Eccentrics,” and this is where the colors get really bright and pop with a bright turquoise, a bright fuchsia. [Editor’s note: Fall 1, “Modernist Maverick,” arrived in stores in mid-summer and was inspired by French textile designer Sonia Delaunay.]

What is your idea of the perfect travel outfit?

I actually have a uniform. I wear skinny pants, usually black, a striped T-shirt and either my trusty safari jacket that has been around the world with me, or a short raincoat, depending upon where I’m going or what time of year it is. And I always carry a cardigan or wrap in my carry-on.

When choosing shoes for travel, how do you bridge the gap between style and comfort?

That’s the hardest thing for me to edit because if I’m going out at night, I want to wear a heel and I want to wear something cool. I go to New York a lot for work, and so during the day, running around from appointment to appointment, a flat shoe is a great thing, but I’m one of those people who might carry shoes around in my bag with me, and slip them off and on. Having a tote bag or a handbag that’s big enough to carry an extra pair of shoes is worth it.

What do you most enjoy about arriving in a new destination?

As old-fashioned as it may be, I love to get a map from the concierge—an old-fashioned paper map—and actually figure out where I am in the city, check out the lay of the land and plot out what I’d like to do on there and how I’m going to accomplish that.

If you could impart one piece of fashion wisdom to travelers, what would it be? 

Don’t take as much as you think you need to take. Laying out every single thing that you’re planning on putting in the suitcase before you actually start putting it in the suitcase is worth doing because then it leaves you room for something that you buy at your destination.

How much room do you leave for new purchases?

I try not to check luggage, ever. I have a nylon American Apparel bag that folds up really small, and I bring that with me. So if there is something I must have, then I might have to break down and check it on the way back. I’ve never checked anything on the out-going flight though!

Trina Turk is sold at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. For the full interview, see wheretraveler.com/fashion




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