Restaurants | Always a Party at Fiesta de Reyes

Always a Party at Fiesta de Reyes

fiesta-de-reyes-old-townNosh on homestyle Mexican cuisine in a historic setting with the restaurants of Fiesta de Reyes.

Just about every fiesta is held together by delicious food and outstanding drinks. With Barra Barra Saloon and Casa de Reyes, Fiesta de Reyes is the place to be for Mexican fare. Casa de Reyes offers an authentic Mexican dining experience, while Barra Barra Saloon’s brand new menu draws inspiration from border town barbecue and Mexican comfort food. Barra Barra’s signature margarita, made with 100 percent Herradura Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, homemade sweet and sour, and agave nectar, is the perfect complement to some of the best Mexican food that Old Town has to offer. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, Juan Street, 619.297.3100.



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