Ecco_Grilled_OystersEcco Pizzeria & Bar Introduces “Late Night at The Parlor”

Enjoy the night lounge menu featuring one-of-a-kind dining, great drinks and artisan pizzas in Ecco’s minimalist dining room or inviting outdoor patio.

Taking inspiration from Italian chefs presenting dishes with a triumphant, “Ecco!” literally, “lo and behold,” Ecco Pizzeria & Bar has made a name for itself with delicious, authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Now, the hip Italian restaurant invites guests to experience its local tavern feel with its “Late Night at The Parlor” offered Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 2 am. Enjoy bites, brews and booze in the company of old friends and new acquaintances as Ecco believes, “There are no strangers here, just friends who haven’t met yet.” Small plates on the parlor menu include grilled oysters; an Italian-style “corn dog” with Fontina fontal, prosciutto, semolina batter and pepper ketchup; fredo fries covered in alfredo sauce and topped with crispy guanicale bits; or a trio of beef, pork and veal meatballs with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Those in need of something a little heartier can order Ecco’s award-winning artisan pizzas until 2 am. Parlor patrons can sip red and white wines from around the world as well as a variety of hand-crafted beers on tap ranging from an Italian Peroni to a locally-brewed Bruery Seasonal ale. As for vintage specialty cocktails offered, favorites include the Fennelini made with Hendrick’s gin, Linie aquavit, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, agave nectar and Peychaud’s bitters as well as the Horse’s Neck made with Sam Houston whiskey, housemade ginger ale and Angostura bitters. Head to Ecco’s Parlor this weekend and ecco, you’ll have one fabulous evening! 2937 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.444.3226.



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