First FridaysBattling the torrential rains Friday, we sailed down to First Fridays at the Natural History Museum, where we were met by a towering Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops, lively atmosphere, well-stocked bars every few feet, plenty of halls to explore, and a performance by one of our favorite genre-bending up-and-coming bands, Yeasayer.

First Fridays offers extended museum hours, scientific discussions and custom curatorial tours. We caught Dr. Nate Lewis’ (recently named no. 17 on Rolling Stone‘s top 100 people who are changing America) chat about sustainable energy and new developments on solar energy. You can download his presentation HERE.

YeasayerWe were lucky to be one of the 200 people admitted into the hall where Yeasayer and local indie-fem rockers Warpaint, who opened the show, performed. On the horizon of the release of Yeasayer’s highly anticipated and already lauded sophomore album Odd Blood (to be released Feb. 9), this was their only local tour date until Coachella, Apr. 16.

Amidst a family of polar bears and elephant seals, Yeasayer took the stage with the distorted din of “The Children” off Odd Blood and jumped into a few more songs from the album before blasting off hits “Wait For The Summer,” “Sunrise” and “Germs” from All Hour Cymbals (2007), energizing their fans to crowd-surfing proportions. Yeasayer closed with the two released singles off Odd Blood: the whimsical “Ambling Alp” and “ONE.”

Dyno LabThe event completely surpassed our expectations. Hearing a live preview of Yeasayer’s up-coming album was a definite treat, we enjoyed checking out the numerous animal habitats drinks-in-hand, loved the discussion and look forward to getting a closer look at the Dyno Lab when we return.

Special thanks to Hayden Bennett for the Yeasayer photo.

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