Water Grill Raw BarAlready a landmark in L.A. seafood, Michelin-starred Water Grill adds another stellar dining feature: the newly expanded and enhanced Raw Bar. Quality and diversity are the operative words with at minimum eight varieties of oysters from regions as varied as New Zealand and Mexico and a variety of chilled seafood items such as Large Chanel Island Purple Sea Urchin and Oregon Dungeness Crab. Consider also trying one of their three new shellfish platters, which all offer items like oysters, king crab, lobster, mussels, sea urchin, and steamed periwinkles. 544 South Grand Ave., downtown, 213.891.0900. watergrill.com

It’s Easy To Ignore Things to Do San Diego and Just Lay Back On The Beach

Load up on the SPF and the sun hats. While you’re saturating in UV Rays and vitamin D, there’s so much more to things to do San Diego than just playing beach volleyball. We’ve got the best of the best in the world whether it’s restaurants, shopping in mom & pop shops or the bigger retailers, art galleries, and the music! Oh the music! Don’t ignore all the things to do San Diego! Get adventurous and start to explore. Pump up the tires on your bike and get to pedaling!

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