VU: Find gourmet small plates, sustainable cuisine + crafted cocktails

VU Marina del ReyVU, a contemporary waterfront restaurant in Marina del Rey, features inspired small plates of gourmet, sustainable and often molecular cuisine, a Pacific-centric wine collection and eclectic, handcrafted seasonal cocktails. Under the direction of executive chef Kyle Schutte, new to Los Angeles from Atlanta, VU features dishes that combine science and creativity, and tempt people to venture outside traditional preparations. Nosh on poached lamb “lollipops”, free-range bison, carpaccio, chicken-fried watermelon, grilled polenta and reconstructed caprese. Entrees include king fish with fingerling potatoes, pork shank with lentil salad, beef tenderloin with purple potatoes The 150-seat indoor-outdoor restaurant and bar—aptly named for its breathtaking views—boasts large windows, which seamlessly bring the beach, gardens and marina inside. The outdoor dining area features cozy fire pits overlooking the beach and gardens, making it an excellent place to enjoy food and drinks in the ocean air. B, L, D (daily), Br (Sa–Su). 14160 Palawan Way, Marina del Rey, 310.823.5333.

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