826LA’s Tiny Vaudeville DebutsTiny Vaudville
Created and curated by 826LA, Tiny Vaudeville is the smallest vaudeville show in Los Angeles. Each show on the last Monday of the month will run approximately ninety minutes and feature diverse acts, including a name actor reading original writing by students of 826LA.

Tiny Vaudeville #1 features hosts Joel Spence and Romi Dames; the Dan Bern Orchestra, feats of prestidigitation by Derek Hughes, Cat Found, Al Madrigal, “Who’s on First?” supreme siren singers Garfunkel and Oates, HAGAR live on stage; the Charismatic Chameleon James Adomian, a Celebrity Guest reading 826LA student work from Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country on talkshow247.com! the musical stylings of Pop Levi, and more. Show 8 p.m. The Echoplex, 1154 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles. Tickets!


The Complete Guide to Los Angeles Events This Weekend

Looking for hot Los Angeles events this weekend? The only question is where to begin. Start right here with the hottest guide to the LA and Hollywood areas. We’ll tell you the funnest things the weekend has going for it so you’ll never miss out. Really, when it comes to Los Angeles events this weekend, there’s so much going on that you need a comprehensive, easy to use guide just to keep up on it all.

Among Los Angeles events this weekend, take the Tiniest Vaudeville Debut, known around the world for being the tiniest Vaudeville act on stage. Though proudly small, the show is one not to be missed. It’s a once a month happening, but offers the opportunity to see some really big names up close and personal. See Garfunkel on stage with Oates. Enjoy the rhythms of the Dan Bern Orchestra. It’s a memorable event you might otherwise miss if you didn’t stay connected. It’s up to you. Stay at home, and watch boring late night cable TV reruns, or check out this city and all it has to offer. Discover the hottest Los Angeles events this weekend with the inside connection.

Let Your Phone Be Your LA Map

Looking for an LA map? What do you pay your cell phone company for? Where LA has plenty of maps you can download right to your phone for free. Don’t know where you’ll end up? Carry the atlas of the Internet in your pocket. In addition to maps, we also have great restaurant reviews, handy travel tips, and a breakdown of the hottest clubs in the city. The world is in your pocket. Make your phone work for you by using Where LA as your resource for everything hip and cool in LA. We’re like a local friend who can be a guide to the real hotspots in the city, not just the tourist mumbo jumbo.

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