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Spa at Terranea

spa-at-terraneaAn exquisitely designed Mediterranean-inspired spa getaway in Los Angleles, the Spa at Terranea lies in Rancho Palos Verdes, tucked away into a small cove bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

By: J. Kim

Upon arrival you immediately forget you are still in L.A., as the sheer vastness of the spa itself bears more resemblance to the legendary Roman baths of antiquity (over 25 treatment rooms in 25,000 square feet of space) than to a modern day spa. However, the average spa-goer seeking simple, cozy tranquility will not be overwhelmed by the colossal size of this spa. Due to the seamless partitioning of each section in the spa, one always feels nestled in total privacy at this highly integrated compound.

Truly, this a place to just wander around aimlessly for hours on end. Whether you’re melting in the outdoor Jacuzzi, doing some reading by the open fire (indoor and outdoor), or perhaps just lounging seaside in front of breath-taking panoramic views of pure ocean-blue, you will immediately be ensnared into what can only be described as an all-day affair.

With every amenity at your disposal including a full service gym, lap pool and attached bar/café it is completely unnecessary to venture outside of the spa. Time spent during my visit including: a quick workout of swimming laps, lunch on the ocean patio, decadent massage treatment, sauna, cold plunge (physical therapists swear by it), steam, jacuzzi, outdoor private shower and a quick pop into the café for the complimentary cheese/chocolate tasting: 8.5 hours…

What Makes This Spa Stand Out

• Unparalleled scenic views

Every activity available at Terranea takes full advantage of the completely unobstructed 180° backdrop view of the ocean.

• Couples Suites

The three couples rooms are truly design-masterpieces and like nothing I’ve ever seen in any of my spa travels. Tailored to creating uniquely romantic ambiences, you can choose from either the “Fire Suite” which features a fireplace and two-person bathtub, or the “Earth Suite” which has a private sauna and shower. The third is the “Ocean Suite,” and my personal favorite due to the private balcony lending it the most pristine view of the ocean of all the rooms at Terranea.

Terranea’s premiere treatment is the “Ocean Prelude” which went above and beyond my expectations of everything a massage could be. Cristy O’Rourke was impeccable and started with an invigorating seaweed wrap and scalp massage, followed by a soak with arnica and bath salts in perhaps the largest bathtub I have ever seen. Since this treatment is given in the Ocean Suite, during my bath soak I had a perfect vantage point of the ocean. Then, like something out of a fairytale, a school of dolphins began gliding across the oceanscape in front of me. Luckily for nature lovers the dolphins come out all throughout the day, so you can expect to see them at some point during your visit. The massage was a wonderful conclusion to my three-hour-long treatment and tailored specifically to address my recent sciatica flare. In short, by the end my body was singing its own tune of happiness.

What I loved most about the Spa at Terranea was the accommodating nature of every staff member to help me just relax. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance here and every staff member was akin to a “hospitality ninja” – always present yet unseen, and anticipating my every need before I even realized it myself. As director Melinda Miller states, “Here it’s 100% about the customer experience. A spa visit should encompass everything you dreamed of within reason. You want your Pinkberry’s while listening to Michael Jackson on your ipod during a treatment? No problem… we WILL make it happen.”

The Spa at Terranea, 6610 Palos Verdes Drive South, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, (310) 265-2740.


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