The Left Shoe Company Opens First Flagship In West Hollywood

Hand-made shoes from the Left Shoe Company.

The Left Shoe Company has opened its first American flagship store in West Hollywood, offering customized kicks for men.

No man looks on top of his game with a grimace and a hobble. So why would you pair your bespoke suits with ill-fitting, off-the-rack shoes?

The Left Shoe Company has opened its first American flagship store to bring sophisticated Angelenos podiatric relief along with luxurious, hand-made, individually customized style. Here’s how it works: A 3-D scanner analyzes your precise foot measurements, then saves the data in a “membership profile” for use in-store or online. You then select your shoe style, color and sole, and can even opt for a unique personal inscription. The Melrose Avenue flagship conveniently houses a “gentleman’s bar” at which patrons can nurse a drink while mulling the possible permutations. Master craftsmen then produce the customized design in Portugal, and your perfectly fitted shoes arrive at your address four to six weeks later. Custom shoes start at $350, but hitting your stride confidently, stylishly and comfortably? That’s priceless. 8473D Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 323.944.0764.


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