Superba Snack Bar Serves Up Italian Fare in Venice

superba-snack-barTwo Italian-cuisine whizzes—Paul Hibler, owner and creator of Pitfire Pizza, and chef Jason Neroni, formerly of Osteria la Buca—have collaborated to present Superba Snack Bar, Venice’s newest community gathering spot.

In a cutting-edge space courtesy of design group Design, Bitches, Neroni—acclaimed for his handmade pastas—presents an array of noodles plus house-smoked meats and charcuterie, local cheeses and dishes featuring farmers market produce. The beverage menu features an edited selection of California wines, Southern California craft beers, and beer and wine cocktails. “A snack bar is the kind of place you can drop by anytime with friends, or by yourself,” Neroni says. “We are striving for Superba Snack Bar to be that kind of place for locals and visitors; we want to offer something for everyone, whether it is a full meal or a glass of wine with some snacks.” 533 Rose Ave., Venice, 310.399.6400.

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