Sprinkles Ice Cream Opens in Beverly Hills

sprinkles-ice-cream-crumblesNext to Sprinkles Cupcakes and Sprinkles ATM arrives Sprinkles Ice Cream just in time for summer in Beverly Hills.

Just in time for a perfect summer in Los Angeles, Sprinkles Cupcakes launches Sprinkles Ice Cream May 24: “A slow churned, densely creamy and intensely flavorful ice cream experience.” Grab your vanilla bean, strawberry, coffee, salty caramel, cap’n crunch or butter pecan sundae or waffle cone (or red velvet waffle cone) just next door to the Sprinkles flagship Beverly Hills location, and pile it high with toppings. The location also serves up cupcake sundaes, cupcake shakes, non-dairy sorbets, and more. If you’re feeling extremely decadent, grab the Sprinkles sandwich—a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor pressed between two cupcake tops. 9631 South Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.274.7890. sprinklesicecream.com

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