Soba Pop: An Artisanal Noodle Pop-UpAug. 23-28
5-10 p.m.

This week you can slurp up specially made soba noodles at Soba Pop: An Artisanal Noodle Pop-Up Bar at BREADBAR’s West Third Street location. Hosted by local cookbook author and soba maker Sonoko Sakai and Akila Inouye, esteemed founder of Japan’s Tsukiji Soba Academy, you can dine on healthy and flavorful dishes featuring handcrafted soba noodles made from stone-milled handmade Kitawase buckwheat and prepared with traditional ingredients and garnishes.

Choose from two six-course “Lean” and “Long” prix-fixe menus ($38/58) in addition to à la carte dishes including:

+ Cold Duck Bukkake Soba with Caramelized Ginger Shigure-Style Duck, Eggplant, Scallions, Shiso, and Soba Granules ($22)

+ Vegetable Bukkake Soba with a medley of Vegetables including Tomato, Cucumber, Shiso, Mitsuba, Scallions, Sprouts, Toasted Saikyo Miso, and Fried Soba Gome ($22)

+ Hot Toro Toro Pork Soba with Braised Pork Belly, Mushrooms, Scallions, Mitsuba, and Yuzu ($24)

+ Kikouchi – 100% Pure Buckwheat Soba with Cold Soy-Bonito Dipping Sauce, Grated Daikon, and Scallions ($19; only 10 servings available per night)

Prix fixe menus start at $38

Soba dishes start at $15 | Sides $4-15 each | Drinks $4-5 each

Seating is limited as artisanal soba is part of the slow food movement and cannot be produced in mass quantities. Reservations are required and can be made by calling BREADBAR West Third at 310.205.0124, and by visiting or

Breadbar, 8718 W. Third St., L.A., 310.205.0124.

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