Shake Shack
The Los Angeles outpost of Shake Shack is now open in West Hollywood. Photo by Evan Sun.

To celebrate its 100th location, Shake Shack will be giving away 100 ShackBurgers on Aug. 16.

Ever since Shake Shack opened in March, locals and visitors to Los Angeles have been lining up to taste their signature burgers, fries and frozen custards. Shake Shack has also been busy since the spring. To celebrate the opening of their 100th Shack outpost in Boston they are offering up 100 free ShackBurgers for the first 100 guests Aug. 16 from 10:30 a.m.-noon. Shake Shack currently has their outpost in West Hollywood, with more locations in Hollywood and Glendale to follow in coming months.

The burger mecca opens at 10:30 a.m. in West Hollywood, but we imagine the line will start stacking up well before opening. If you’re reading this and you’re presently located outside of LA with a Shake Shack close to you, all the other outposts (except for stadiums and ballparks) will also be giving away their signature burger to the first 100 people in line as well.

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