Smoke.Oil.Salt Serves Up Putxero

Putxero smoke.oil.salt
Dine on Putxero Monday nights at Smoke.Oil.Salt.

From the restaurant that brought authentic Valencian food to Los Angeles—including a dedicated Sunday paella night—comes Putxero from Chef Perfecto Rocher.

By Christina Xenos

Unless you’re from Valenica, Putxero is probably a word you don’t hear every day, but now that’s it’s debuted in L.A., it’s something you’ll want to commit to memory.

pilota smoke.oil.salt
The tender pilote in a savory broth with fideos.

What is Putxero?

It’s almost like a Valencian cassoulet. The traditional stew (the first ever referenced in literature in Europe, dating back to the 14th century) weaves together root vegetables like turnips, parsnips and rutabagas with chickpeas, delicate fideo pasta, beef, lamb, pork, a fried chicken leg and pilotes—a decadent meatball mix of meat, egg, parsley, cinnamon, pine nuts, wrapped in cabbage. All the different components are wrapped in cheese cloth and cooked together to make a rich, comforting broth.

Kalimotxo smoke.oil.salt
Kalimotxo a drink made of equal parts Coca-Cola and red wine.

Instead of being served this indulgent concoction in one bowl, smoke.oil.salt takes a more nostalgic approach, dividing up each individual group of ingredients into sections on a silver TV dinner tray. You can dive into your pilote and then nibble your chicken leg, or throw them all in the broth and eat them all together.

The special is served exclusively on Monday nights. Pair your Putxero with kalimotxo, kind of like a dry sangria, made from equal parts Coca-Cola and red wine, served garnished with an aromatic rosemary stalk and an orange slice. Not a bad way to kick off your week.

Mondays, starting Feb. 16. 7274 Melrose Ave,, L.A., 323.930.7900.

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