Rancho Los Alamitos Reopens in Long Beach

rancho-los-alamitosLocated on Bixby Hill in the heart of urban Long Beach, the historic Rancho Los Alamitos reopens with a new Rancho Center and restored historic Barns Area.

This 7.5-acre Southern California landmark is listed twice in the National Register of Historic Places: once for its incarnation as Povuu’ngna, a Tongva village, and once for the evolution of its landscape from the time of the Spanish/Mexican and early American eras through the early- to mid-20th century. The circa-1948 horse barn serves as the core of a new, larger structure, which houses the Rancho Center and the permanent exhibition Rancho Los Alamitos—Ever Changing, Always the Same. 6400 E. Bixby Hill Road, Long Beach, 562.431.3541. rancholosalamitos.com

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