Public ServiceAt the rear of Shorty’s Barber Shop, the hippest clip joint in town, is a men’s boutique called Public Service, whose design was inspired by a collegiate gymnasium. In fact, some of the vintage-style T-shirts from The Original Retro Brand are displayed on air hockey or Ping-Pong tables, but gallery-quality art provides a sophisticated counterbalance. A venture of Chris Bair (owner of Shorty’s) and fashion stylist Lauren Megson, Public Service is the perfect place to browse for ecofriendly Revel Seven jeans, casual shirts from L.A.-based NSF or classic Ray-Bans while waiting for a haircut. The shop also carries a variety of cool gadgets and gifts, like ultrasleek, sustainably produced plastic water bottles from KOR or high-fidelity Spitfire headphones. 755 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A., 323.951.1191.

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