PourtalPourtal offers free dog walking
Saturday, Aug. 15;
noon-3 p.m.
There’s never a better time to sip summer wines than on a Saturday afternoon, but it’s tough leaving Fido at home. Now you don’t have to when you grab a glass at Pourtal. Withany purchase, Pourtal offers to walk your dog for free. You can also always enjoy their dog-friendly patio and drink wine with your best friend at any time.

There’s plenty to taste right now too. This month Pourtal features a Bonny Doon Vineyards tasting tour. The first tour features three Bonny Doon Vineyard whites and one rose as well as four other whites from around the world; the second tour offer five Bonny Doon Vineyard reds and three other reds from Southern Rhone. Pourtal wine tasting bar, 104 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.393.7693. www.pourtal.com

Your First Stop In Planning Your Los Angeles Events This Weekend

Why go elsewhere when you’re plotting your Los Angeles events this weekend? You’ve arrived just where you want to be as we cherry pick the best Los Angeles events this weekend, and as your dig around our site, you’ll find our recommendations for that eatery you’ve been dying to try but haven’t yet. Satisfy the itch for something different, break out of your routine, and feed your belly with the best of the best when it come to finding Los Angeles events this weekend. With us, you won’t be disappointed.

Tips to Skipping Rush Hour

Looking to avoid LA traffic? Start early or arrive late. Take your pick. Most people plan to arrive at work at 8 a.m. If you’re an early bird, try instead for 7, and then leave earlier in the day. If you prefer to savor your toast and coffee, aim to get to work at 9 and stay an extra hour. You’ll save time waiting in the traffic parking lot, and you still get your work done- the best of both worlds. 

Avoid the Los Angeles 110 at all costs. This is the highway that connects Orange County to the South Bay. Stick to alternate routes like taking Broadway until Manchester.

Always remember that rain and traffic don’t mix. Always use side streets when it’s pouring. Since it doesn’t rain often in LA, the sudden onslaught of water can loosen oil deposits and cause slick conditions. 

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