Plants and Animals Plays the Satellite

plants-and-animalsFor the omnivore listener in you, Montreal-based up-n-coming band, Plants and Animals, ought to whet just about all of your appetite. See them at the Satellite in Los Angeles on May 19.

Plants and Animals’ latest release, The End of That, is palatable in both its slack-jawed poetry and innovative indie rock riffs. The album offers familiar paeans to lost youth, broken hearts and the desire to make art out your ashes. It’s some heady stuff on the page, but the music never gets bogged down in the slightest. “Well holy matrimony! / Everyone is gettin’ married or breaking up / And the stroller situation on the sidewalk is way out of control!” Kicks off the 3rd track Crisis! a toe-tapper of life’s myriad contradictions. Their sound lands somewhere between The Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed and Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Fox Trot. Think those are some big shoes to fill? Better catch them while you can in a small venue like The Satellite. $10-$12. 1717 Silverlake Blvd., Silver Lake.

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