Omni Hotel’s Simply Street Food Menu

Simply Street Food Menu at the Omni Hotel Los Angeles.

Get a taste of global street food with six authentic dishes at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

By Christina Xenos

Omni Hotels recently put out an APB to over 100 of their chefs all over the world to submit recipes for their new street food menu. The result is Simply Street Food, an offering of six distinct dishes that represent each of the winning chefs’ home regions, from Boston to Brazil to Abu Dhabi.

Highlights include a duck confit empanada with smoked tomato mayo; famous peddler’s char kway teow (stir-fried flat rice noodles popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia); short rib and Vermont cheddar sandwich (classical comfort fare from the U.S.) and more.

Here’s a closer look:

Famous peddler’s Char Kway Teow from chef Andy Oh (Pan Pacific Orchard; Singapore). Chef Oh knows South Asian flavors, having been born in Malaysia, and now residing in Singapore. The dish is a sir-fired flat rice noodle served with shrimp and sausage that is popular in the street markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Duck empanada with smoked tomato mayo from chef Gene Moss (Omni La Mansion del Rio; San Antonio, TX). Moss melds succulent duck confit with a sweet and smoky tomato mayo, perfect for dipping.
Short rib and Vermont cheddar sandwich from chef Gerard Tice (Omni Parker House; Boston, MA). A comforting street eat that encompasses New England in a bite. Savor tender short ribs and Vermont cheddar cheese on artisan brioche.
Chicken Musakhan sandwich from chef Mohamed Alaa Allaham (Emirates Palace Hotel; Abu Dhabi). Born from a traditional Palestinian dish that chef Alaa Allaham grew up enjoying, the sandwich combines chicken, onions and sumac with pickled cucumbers, all wrapped up in a flatbread.
Citrus-ancho braised lamb tostada from chef Scott Mole (Omni Bedford Springs Resort; Bedford, PA). Chef Mole blends his passion for Mexican cuisine inspired by his family and their generations of cooking with top techniques. He braises the lamb in a secret family recipe, and fuses fresh ingredients with a Latin twist.
Acarajé de Orixa from chef Josemar Passos (Tivoli Ecoresort Paria do Forte; Bahia, Brazil). A known delicacy of Afro-Brazillian cuisine, the dish is made with ground black-eyed pea and and sheimp and is commonly sold in the streets of Bahia, Brazil.


Noé, Omni Hotel, 251 S. Olive St., downtown, 213.356.4100.




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